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How To Write An eBook

How To Write an eBook in pdf format to sell on your own site.

Since I began the journey of ICB Consults six months ago, the big question from most people was and still is, “how do you write an eBook?” To be completely honest with you, I did not have a formula for how I was going to write the books. I started giving consultations first, and then I thought: hey having an eBook would be great for these consults.  It began as a guide for those consultations, and developed from there. However, I am going to share four really basic steps on how to write an ebook, as best I can. I am not the one for long lists or steps–cut to the chase is my motto, but here you go.
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Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich

Book Review: Nice Girls Don't Get Rich

Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich has been on my bookshelf for several years. Then, around May the get-your-finances-in-order-bug hit me. This book is a great read, but it is slightly outdated. In college, I used to be a big fan of Suze Orman and her show. Then she started selling prepaid debit cards that are not good. Finance has interested me in the past, but I have not made it my sole priority… and I have finally decided to get my act together. Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Sherane’s Closet

Whats In Your Bag Sherane of Sherane Vintage Closet

1. Maximize The Moment 2. Business Cards 3. Deodorant 4. iphone case 5. wallet 6. contacts 7. hand sanitizer 8. car charger 9. headphones 10. keys

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Enduring this entrepreneurship journey for over 10 years without throwing in the towel! I’ve experienced so many ups and downs. But, I always remember that I have the opportunity to produce content for major networks such as MTV, BET, TV One, WB, and for media moguls such as Sean “Diddy” Combs. I also have the ability to provide vintage costuming for many artists/celebrities including R & B superstar, Miguel. That makes it all worth it! Still, I would have to say my biggest accomplishment would be having the faith to use my gifts in multi-media and fashion to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was very apprehensive when I decided to use this platform. There wasn’t a blueprint for me to follow, but I decided to go with my heart. By doing this, so many doors have opened.

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High Heels & Honest Tea TXSC13 Recap

Texas Style Conference 2013 in Austin Texas

Okay, I will be honest. I was completely nervous about how my recap post would come out. There were a million preconceived notions on how the conference would be, and how I would feel when I walked away from it on Sunday night. All the worries disappeared once I arrived. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with knowledge and new friendships. To explain the comfortable atmosphere well enough, let me just say that we even had a moment of discussing Justin Timberlake’s style through the years!

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What’s In Your Bag: pRAISE ClothingLA

What's In Your Bag: Amalia of pRAISE Clothing

1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 2. Prada Sunglasses 3. Trident 4. Sex in The City Keychain w keys 5. lipgloss 6. Zara Wallet 7. pRAISE sticker 8. pRAISE business card 9. iphone 10. YSL and Lions head pin

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment is that I let God to lead me as an entrepreneur. He is my primary consultant with most of my day-to-day decision-making, and it brings me peace of mind. I try to conduct business using the Jesus model: leadership through love, humility, patience, compassion, and servitude. As Christians in the industry, we want to be a light to the world and the salt of the earth because that is what God has called us to do. If we allow Christ to live through us, and it shows that you can love everybody and anybody. It doesn’t mean that you agree with what they do, you can still love them.
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28 Years Later

28 Years Later TashaICB

Today I turn 28 years old. Yes, there are some days that I look like a high school student, but I am actually a full-fledged adult.  I have lived an amazing life. My parents made sure I had the best of the best as a child and as a teenager. Sometimes I didn’t understand why my parents did some of the things they did–dad made me start playing golf at such young age–but now I am grateful. In hindsight, I am thankful for everything they did for me.
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Lessons Learned In June

When I first started writing this month’s review, I truly was at a loss for words. So much has happen in a month’s time. Last month, I wrote that business was an uphill battle. This month, things started flowing with ease again. In May, I knew before the month started that it was going to be a battle, but going into June I knew things would do a 180, which it has been. I experienced so much at the end of May and start of June but it made me stronger. Furthermore, I debated sharing what Lisa and I discussed in our mentor call, but I settled on the fact that her advice should be shared.

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Pricing and Shipping Thoughts

imperfect concepts, blog, BlogICB,

In all honesty, if a new small business owner says they have a grip on the cost of pricing or how much to charge for shipping they’re lying. I can tell you the truth: over the last four years pricing has been a constant struggle for me. Especially since I run a niche business aside my peers who sell wholesale items or design their own crafts. At this moment, I am having a little bit of clarity. I thought I’d share some thoughts with you about how I price my items, and what works for me. (This will be lengthy). But wait, there’s more!

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Chic Errand Running

Goodwill temple texas

Yesterday, I went thrift shopping with my mom (it’s always fun going with her). When I first started Imperfect Concepts, a majority of my time was spent shopping vintage and thrift. It has since died down because the business has grown and there are other things I must do. Thrift shopping has always been fun for me. My grandma owned a store in Miami, and when I moved to Texas, my dad would take us to the flea market. I am lucky to get paid to shop and score great vintage and designer finds for you.

Tasha at Goodwill

Sunnies: Fendi {old} Necklace: T+ J Designs Shirt: Forever 21 Pants: Michael by Michael Kors via Nordstrom Shoes: Fendi Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch: Michael Kors

Tasha at Goodwill 2

Here is the break down of my outfit that will shock you: my sunnies are 5 years old (I bought them at Saks off The Fifth for $30),  my Fendi sandals I bought at Barney’s sale 3 years ago for $51 (original $300), my Michael Kors gold watch is from a thrift store in Dallas (brand new and it was only $33). Yeah, I’m a power shopper that loves deals. You can have designer items at the fraction of the cost if you learn how to shop!





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Female Entrepreneur Infographic

Female Entrepreneurs Infographic

Infographics have become all the rage in the last year. They break down a variety of topics from social media, sports and more. I love this female entrepreneur infographic. Female owned businesses are on the rise all across the globe. Everyday, I see more of my fellow peers starting their own businesses. I’m proud that my state of Texas has a high percentage of budding female business owners. What are your thoughts on the growing number of female business owners?

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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday was started by American Express to help support our local small businesses. Last year, Small Business Saturday made roughly $12 million dollars. That revenue has gone to our communities to help provide jobs, homes and better lives for our families. I want to highlight several small businesses you should know about and will hopefully support.

Clutched & Covered was founded by Rocquelle Porch of Houston, Texas.  Rocquelle made herself a fur clutch last year, and that one time DIY project turned into a genius business idea. A Clutch Cover is simply a cover for your clutch. Clutch Cover is the simple way to spice up your old clutch but give you that “something new” feeling, and they are even made to order.  Follow her on twitter for more updates @ClutchedCovered

Wrist Soiree is brought to you be the crafty L. Duncan. If you follow her on Instagram you know her talents range from Martha Stewart style décor to Rachel Roy cooking to her signature bracelets and necklaces. They are stunning! Many of my blogging buddies own her pieces. Act fast, she is currently running a special on her products right now.

The lovely sister duo of Tiffany & Jen founded T + J Designs. These ladies say they were surrounded by beautiful, luxurious pieces all their lives, and that’s what led to the inspiration for their own brand. I am very fond of several pieces of theirs and I adore the sister duo.  Follow @tplusjdesign on twitter for more info.

Angela, founder of Gigee Marie, makes the most stylish clutches you have ever seen! I was introduced to her product by my lovely friend Eboni. Gigee Marie offers regular size clutches and mini clutches. Angela is based in DC and does pop up shops throughout the year. Follow her on twitter for more updates: @gigeemarie

Kristen Henderson is the owner of the Atlanta based vintage boutique, Lily Kai. The Lily Kai boutique has a collection of hand-picked jewelry and clothing. The boutique is having a huge sale on clearance items right now {60% off – 80% off}. Kristen has become a dear friend of mine over the years. You wont be disappointed when shopping her store. Follow @shoplilykai

Enjoi Cupcakes has been my go-to place to order cupcakes for my customers as gifts. It’s great to send loyal shoppers all across the U.S. cupcakes in a jar! Ashlyn Joi, the founder, is a shopper of Imperfect Concepts.  I am smitten with her cupcakes and can sing her praises all day long. She is based in Los Angelos and DC. You can catch her and the Enjoi team at events in both cities, but if you don’t live in either city, don’t fret! You can order cupcakes in a jar. Follow @enjoicupcakes for more information.

Each of these ladies own great businesses, and I support them wholeheartedly. I hope you will too. Please remember to support your local businesses. You can easily find them by searching Google, Yelp or social media networks. Also, don’t forget to support other small businesses virtually. Together we will build better businesses and help our communities flourish.

Who do you plan to support on Small Business Saturday? Do you have a favorite small business you love to shop or support? Please share so we can all support too.

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