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How To Transition From Etsy To Your Own Website

How to transition from Etsy to your own website #imperfectconcepts

Etsy has become the eBay for the handicraft and creative small business owner community. When it launched almost five years ago it was a small world and it was easy to shine on the platform. Etsy has changed its stance on the small business owner, now letting more and more wholesale companies use their platforms to sell cheaply made pieces.

They have done great things introducing their wholesale practice so you can become a vendor in big stores, but that has its downside too.

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Etsy Search Ads

One Etsy seller thoughts on "etsy search ad" program

Etsy search ads simply don’t work. There is no need to sugar coat it, or say something nice about how Etsy “can bring you more customers or views with their ads” (or so they lead you to believe).

A while back, I mentioned how I took the leap into the Etsy world. Completely paralyzed by fear, it took forever to do. I saw traction on my store page, received sales, received “likes,” and people were “favoriting” items. Hey, I was on the road to etsy success, or so I thought. But wait, there’s more!

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