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How to Find Freelancers

How To Find A Freelancer

If you read my article about pricing for freelance, as a business owner, you may be wondering what YOU have to do to hire a freelancer. How much should you pay them? What deadlines are “realistic” to set for your projects? What is quality work?

I will try to answer those questions and highlight some sites where you can find freelancers. If you have questions, let’s talk. Leave a comment!
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Hot SEO Tools for Small Business

Hot SEO tools for Small Business

SEO is constantly changing, and many of the tools used for SEO are revolving. See my article about Google’s Keyword Planner.If you find yourself sinking in a mess of SEO gadgets, go by this motto: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. You don’t need a million tools to bring your site to the top, you need the right tools. However, it’s hard to figure out what the right tools are, so let’s catch up. It’s been a while since I talked SEO tools with you. Here is a list of 10 new SEO tools for Fall. What do you think? Have you tried any of these for your business? We would love to know! Continue Reading →

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Tools of The Trade

Amazing cost friendly tools and equipments you can buy now for your small business

As a small business owner, there are several items I need to run my business besides my Macbook and iPhone. (Technically, my business could run off of my iPhone alone. Technology is love.) I recently had a “wake up call conversation” on Instagram, and several members of my IG family pointed out they did not have knowledge of certain equipment needed to run a business. So, I want to share with my blog family what those are as well. Here are some of the tools of the trade that I need to run Imperfect Concepts, Blog ICB and ICB Consults:

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How To Write An eBook

How To Write an eBook in pdf format to sell on your own site.

Since I began the journey of ICB Consults six months ago, the big question from most people was and still is, “how do you write an eBook?” To be completely honest with you, I did not have a formula for how I was going to write the books. I started giving consultations first, and then I thought: hey having an eBook would be great for these consults.  It began as a guide for those consultations, and developed from there. However, I am going to share four really basic steps on how to write an ebook, as best I can. I am not the one for long lists or steps–cut to the chase is my motto, but here you go.
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What I’ve Learned from Failing

What I have learned from failing

Making a schedule that balances a 9-5 job and your dreams is extremely difficult. To tell you a little about myself, I work at a small downtown café from 6am to 2pm, and I go to school full time, plus I work as a copywriting intern. When I first decided to pursue my dreams as a copywriter, I didn’t know how I could handle the balancing act of work, school and an internship. I imagine that it is the same feeling young entrepreneurs have when they first decide to start a business (STRESS), while struggling to keep up with their “actual” job. Through stress, tears, and developing neurosis, I have come up with some ways to deal with stress and time management.

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