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10 Tips For Hashtags

10 tips on how to use hashtags for your small business

As a follow up to my stuffing article, I thought I would also include the proper way to write hashtags. With Facebook’s new “public conversations initiative,” hashtags have migrated to Facebook’s domain in order to help build group conversations. This is a great move for businesses because it takes something people are already using, and transfers it to Facebook’s ginormous user base. There are many ways that hashtags help build conversations about business, and tracking or learning from those conversations is very informative and a great business practice, however, what happens when it’s time for you to make up your own hashtags? Here are some helpful tips:
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Tools of The Trade

Amazing cost friendly tools and equipments you can buy now for your small business

As a small business owner, there are several items I need to run my business besides my Macbook and iPhone. (Technically, my business could run off of my iPhone alone. Technology is love.) I recently had a “wake up call conversation” on Instagram, and several members of my IG family pointed out they did not have knowledge of certain equipment needed to run a business. So, I want to share with my blog family what those are as well. Here are some of the tools of the trade that I need to run Imperfect Concepts, Blog ICB and ICB Consults:

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Customer Service: The Little Things

The little details of customer service that really matter for your small business

In the business world, people are always pushing the “new way” of doing things. Those people always advertise things like: How to obtain the best and brightest employees by using yada-yada strategy, how to get new customers loyal to your company, how to engage with your customers on social media and beyond, how the old marketing and selling strategies are losing, and much more. Trust me, I am all for innovation and advancement, however, sometimes these new methods do not build lasting relationships.
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Say No to Stuffing!

How not to stuff your site, social media and blog with keywords for SEO

I hope all of you enjoyed my post, SEO 101 where I talked about the commonly under-defined key terms of search engine optimization. A lot of business owners are newbies when it comes to SEO, so they feel embarrassed about asking what a robots.txt file is or even what a permalink is for. One way a small business owner can accommodate for their lack of SEO experience is to hire an SEO specialist. However, most people who claim to be “SEO specialists” have to constantly stay updated about the changing world of SEO. SEO is constantly reinventing itself, and it is easy to get left behind. Because of this, make sure you check a SEO specialist’s credentials before you trust them with your business. You should double check the history of specialists that can “guarantee” increased traffic on your site. The SEO specialists you need to be weary of are the ones who use an archaic strategy called “stuffing” that can potentially get you banned from Goggle. This article is all about saying no to stuffing.

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What’s In Your Bag: Sherane’s Closet

Whats In Your Bag Sherane of Sherane Vintage Closet

1. Maximize The Moment 2. Business Cards 3. Deodorant 4. iphone case 5. wallet 6. contacts 7. hand sanitizer 8. car charger 9. headphones 10. keys

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Enduring this entrepreneurship journey for over 10 years without throwing in the towel! I’ve experienced so many ups and downs. But, I always remember that I have the opportunity to produce content for major networks such as MTV, BET, TV One, WB, and for media moguls such as Sean “Diddy” Combs. I also have the ability to provide vintage costuming for many artists/celebrities including R & B superstar, Miguel. That makes it all worth it! Still, I would have to say my biggest accomplishment would be having the faith to use my gifts in multi-media and fashion to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was very apprehensive when I decided to use this platform. There wasn’t a blueprint for me to follow, but I decided to go with my heart. By doing this, so many doors have opened.

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High Heels & Honest Tea TXSC13 Recap

Texas Style Conference 2013 in Austin Texas

Okay, I will be honest. I was completely nervous about how my recap post would come out. There were a million preconceived notions on how the conference would be, and how I would feel when I walked away from it on Sunday night. All the worries disappeared once I arrived. I am overwhelmed (in a good way) with knowledge and new friendships. To explain the comfortable atmosphere well enough, let me just say that we even had a moment of discussing Justin Timberlake’s style through the years!

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What’s In Your Bag: House of Success

What's In Your Bag: Sakita of House of Success PR

1. Wallet 2. Keys 3. Pen 4. Lipglosses 5. Bazaar 6. Brand Thinking 7. Fresh Cooling 8. Macbook Pro 9. Gum 10. Nail Polish

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

There are many things that I am proud of but, I would say that my biggest accomplishment to date is the experience of building a career/business on my own terms. It’s not the easiest thing to do, so every single day that I wake up and do what I love counts as an accomplishment. 

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What’s In Your Bag: Wendy Brandes

1. Chanel Lipstick 2. Passport 3. iphone with her Mr. Fitz case 4. Mirror 5. Prada Wallet 6. Prada business Card case 7. Metro Card 8. Work related stuff.

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Winning Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award for fine jewelry in 2012 was a huge thrill. As a designer, you work so hard and then wonder, “Will anyone like or appreciate this?” To have designers and other industry people say, “Good job” means a lot. I was on a panel with some of the other Rising Star winners a few months later and when asked what the award meant to them, everyone said, “Validation!”

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