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10 Gifts To Give Your Clients, Customers, Supporters & Fellow Small Business Owners

Sharing awesome gifts you can give your supporters.

I am fond of giving gifts. I love making others feel appreciated; showing them that they matter. You can say one of my five love languages is gifts but I give them verse expecting to receive as a way to show love. I do love receiving them to, don’t get me wrong. Always open to new shoes, Chanel bags and trips around the world.

If you’re a small business owner you know how tough it can be sometimes. With the ladies in my mastermind group I make sure to send them encouraging words during the week but I purposely pick one or two a month to send an actual gift to. In addition, to that you can show the same love to your clients, customers and supporters. If you want to keep it simple when rewarding them, read our article, “Reward Your Best Customers“. It has some great tips. Continue Reading →

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