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Establishing The Right Mind Frame To Achieve Your Goals

3 TIps to help you create a conducive environment to achieve your personal and business goals. | Imperfect Concepts

People ask me often how I can do so much in such a short period of time. Truth be told my schedule is not as hectic as creative business owners because I am not a fan of celebrating faux busy or anything of that other mess to be truthful. Outside of that the reason I can achieve so many of my goals is that my mind frame and this breakdown I created. In recent months, I have given my one on one clients the breakdown too, and it changes everything.  Continue Reading →

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We All Have Goals

Goal setting chart

Last week while browsing Pinterest, one of my dear friends repinned this goal setting chart. J6 Designs is the company that made the chart, and based it on website goals. The chart can be used towards any goals in my opinion. We are three months into the new year, and I know some people have let go of their resolutions already. If you have let go already, do not worry! You can get back on the right track by setting obtainable goals instead. I stated before that I prefer goal setting over resolutions any day of the week. This chart is very helpful, and J6 Designs even lists more information on their site to help with your goals.  Continue Reading →

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