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Basics of Customer Service

Basic of Customer Service

Customer service is a dying art in the high speed technology world. Business owners are depending on social media to handle business and sometimes that’s not enough, to be honest it’s a band aid for bigger issues. Replying to customers on social media is great; however when customers can’t reach you by phone or email to air their grievances firstly, than that is the bigger issue.

In my opinion, it should be a customer or clients last resort to be able to get a hold of you through social media alone. There should be accessible means in place for people to get a hold of you in a timely matter, in accordance with your business hours. Think about the lack of response from you being the first experience they have from your company, this bad experience will easily be aired out on twitter. It takes years to build trust and 140 characters to tarnish your name.

Getting the basics of customer service in order will help your business tremendously.

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