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Conference Speaking Experience

Kick Start Your Ecommerce TXSC13

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of being a speaker for Texas Style Council conference in Austin, Texas. When TXSC had their event during SxSW Indiana, I decided to lead a workshop in knowing that TXSC sessions would be broken down to feel more school oriented. My best friend and fellow small business owner Rocquelle made the connections for me. The workshop was on Kick Starting Your Ecommcere Site, which I have parent consultation and ebooks that I personally offer on the subject.

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School’s Back In Session

Texas Style Conference 2013 in Austin Texas

Education on any level is very important to me. As individuals, we should always be striving to be a better version of ourselves. Some people have horror stories about school–in all it’s formality, structure and rigidity. However, I am thankful for two teachers and one college professor in my life because they helped me become the savvy-business-nerd that I am today. Now it’s your turn to find a mentor that will inspire you like they inspired me.

Texas Style Council is providing you an opportunity to grow your business and blogs. TXSC begins in August and is a three day conference that provides a place to network, create and learn. Earlier this year I meet Indiana during SxSW, and we discussed the opportunity for me to become a teacher during the conference this year. When she emailed a while ago to confirm if I was still interested, I jumped at the chance. Not only is it a great opportunity for ICB but it’s one of my goals to teach more women how to sustain and build their own successful business. This is alignment at it’s finest.

This year’s keynote speakers are Elise & Emma of A Beautiful Mess: a blog dedicated to creating a beautiful life filled with the gift of inspiration. There are also a slew of other great speakers for Saturday’s  events. I am personally excited to hear Kendi of Kendi Everyday, Camille of Camille Styles and sit in Kevin of Iron to Iron workshop.  My workshop will solely focus on how to Kick Start Your Ecommerce presence.

You can register now here. Please follow @txsc for more updates on sponsors and activities.

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Fun at Ikea

Tasha Ikea Austin

Earlier this week, my best friend Rocquelle met in Austin to hangout (aka: mainly to eat Rat Toes at Razzoo’s). Oh, don’t make that face, it’s really good food! We had two orders of fried stuffed jalapenos with shrimp and crab meat. It was a nice day in Austin. I live 45 minutes away, and I go probably 2-3 times a week to hang with my really cool DJ friend and to source pieces for the store.  Continue Reading →

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Book Review: Creative, Inc.

Creative, Inc Meg Mateo Joy Deangdeelert

My library is quiet large and currently overwhelmed with books that are sitting on the shelf for far to long without me reading them. Creative, Inc. happens to be one of those books. I ordered it at some point before my birthday last year, and now I’m finally getting around to reading it. This book is not just for the freelancer–it has great tips and tricks in here for the small business owner and entrepreneur in other fields. Continue Reading →

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The $100 Start Up Conversation

$100 Startup Tour Book

Last week, I had the pleasure of hearing Chris Guillebeau speak at El Centro on his book The $100 Start Up tour. For the last year or so, I kept hearing about Chris’s book. I saw many women’s groups hosting twitter chats, and many write-ups in magazines. Up until one of my good twitter friends tweeted a link to his book tour, I didn’t truly decide to give this book a chance. After his post, I knew I needed to meet the man that is causing all this commotion in the entrepreneur world. But, how could I meet him if  I hadnt read his book? I got on Amazon, and ordered it with several other books (which tends to happen when I set out to buy just ONE book on Amazon). This book is going down as one of my favorites of 2013. It’s just like Chasing Cool, Rubies In The Orchard + Crush It were for me last year (my top 3 books of 2012). They are all chalked full of great information!  Continue Reading →

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