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Funding Your Business With Freelance

Funding Your Business With Freelance

This month, we are going to continue on with our discussion of the various ways to fund your small business, startup, or venture. We are going to talk about how you can use freelance as a way to add extra cash to your pockets. We briefly touched on freelancing in the “Creative Ways To Fund Your Business” article. If you missed that article or need a refresher of those helpful tips you should go check it out or peruse it again at your leisure.

Here are a couple ways to help you become a freelance expert–(propelling your cash flow)–without taking your focus away from growing your business.

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How to Publish

How To Publish

As I wrote in my last post I Taught a College Class!, I taught a class full of screenwriters how to get internships, freelance and become bloggers. However, another one of their questions was about how I recently got a poem published in [PANK] Magazine. I was published in their online magazine at the beginning of October for my poem, “Elegy Above the Oyster House.” I was very excited, and I think getting published is a great thing to add to a resume or to a grad school application. Especially for writers who want to market themselves as freelancers, it’s a leg up to be a published writer. I don’t think there is EVER a guarantee that you will get your work published, but I can at least tell you how I did it.

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