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Email Marketing For Your Small Business

Email Marketing For Your Small Busines

As a business owner you’ve probably heard that you’ll need to email customers opt-in newsletters, or that email marketing is the new wave and you need to get on it. Several big brands even have commercials stating why you need this for your business.

I will be completely honest, I am not the biggest pusher of newsletters or email marketing. If you read the site, you know I am big fan of growing your company local and word of mouth. However, when newsletters are done right, your company will get a nice return on the investment.  Continue Reading →

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Pricing for Freelance

Pricing for freelance via BlogICB

Some of you may not know this, but I am trying to become a freelance copywriter/copyeditor. Tasha, being the lovely lady that she is, has helped me make my own website and has showed me a lot about how freelance works. If there are any writers, web designers, or graphic designers out there that are stressing out about how much freelance should cost, I’m right there with you! It is really hard, and I never thought it would be, to price my writing. Here are some helpful tips that I have picked up along the way:

Here is a quote from Writersmarket.com,

“think about the earning potential of your work, and how you can make freelancing more profitable and fun. Know your numbers: what it costs to run your business; what hourly rate they require; how long a job will take. Unless there’s a real bonus (a special clip, or a chance to try something new) turn down work that doesn’t meet the mark and replace it with a better-paying project” (Article Title: How Much Should I Charge).

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