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What’s In Your Bag: Shobha

What's In Your Bag: Shoba

1. iphone 2. Coach Wallet 3. Opi Nail Polish 4. Enjoy Life Candy Bar 5. Truly Natural Deodorant 6. Shobha® Refreshing Water Cloth 7. Lean In, Business Cards & Shobha® Brow Pencil {sand}

What is your biggest accomplishment?

Being able to live both my dreams of having a family and owning a company.  It has always been really easy to let my professional life take over when I first started the business and even now.  The business demands so much of my time that I am thankful I have been able to prioritize my personal life.  Making sure family and my personal life are a priority, a life beyond my business, was actually advice several women who had graduated from Harvard Business School 10 years before me had given me; advice they had wished that someone had shared with them. Continue Reading →

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Lack of Money Doesn’t Stop This Train

Lack of Money Doesnt Stop This Train

IC is not at the six figure business level just yet, but that doesn’t stop me from building the brand of my dreams. Seriously, I spend 15 to 30 minutes a day envisioning the store’s growth. It’s a really great thing for me to do. I am thankful for every moment that happens in ICB World. I think it’s fun that no two days are alike. The main reason for this post is to let you know that you don’t need thousands, hundreds or even one dollar in your account to live your dreams.  But wait, there’s more!

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What’s In Your Bag: Jem Of The South

What's In Your Bag Tamara of Jem of The South
1. Coach Sunglasses 2. Umbrella 3. AKA Checkbook 4. Hearts Pen 5. Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter 6. Business Cards 7. Hand Sanitizer 8. Lip Gloss 9. Pur

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Launching Jem of the South has been my biggest accomplishment. Before starting my dessert media company, I was only going through the motions in everything I did. After starting Jem, my creativity was unleashed and I’ve stepped so far out of the my comfort zone. I wouldn’t dare turn back!

What are three books you would recommend to our readers? I used to be an avid reader, but will have to admit my reading list now consists more of blogs. One book that I will suggest is the “The Big Enough Company” by Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams. But wait, there’s more!

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What’s In Your Bag: Joanna Simkin

Joanna Whats In Your Bag

1. Small Wallet 2. Sunglasses Cases 3. Makeup Bag 1 4. hair ties 5. 3 Jumpdrives 6. iphone chargers 7. Makeup bag 2 8. Hand sanitizer & lotion 9. Prada bag 10. Business cards 11. I am Lucky (receipts bag) 12. ipad 13. Rosebud lip gloss

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
I’m most proud of making the decision to leave a comfortable full-time position in 2009 and move to LA (by myself) to pursue my dream of being a freelance makeup artist. It wasn’t always been smooth sailing, but I never went back to working for somebody else again, and I don’t plan to.
When did you know you wanted to be MUA?
I always liked to play with makeup, but when I was 19, I got a makeover at a Bobbi Brown counter, and that was the first time I thought “Wow, people get paid to do makeup?!” At that time, I thought the only “make-up artist” job was working at a counter. I soon learned that you can be a make-up artist many other ways.

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What’s in Your Bag: Daughter of the King

Whats In Your Bag Daughter of The King

1. ipad mini 2. iPhone 3. small clutch 4. pens and highlighters 5. Apple charger 6. Nail polish for random chips 7. Journal 8. Chewy Granola Bar 9. “The Power of a Praying Wife” 10. Dental floss

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
On the surface, I want to give a standard answer like graduating from college or some other great feat. However, to be as transparent as possible, my greatest accomplishment in life has been something much more un-documented. My greatest accomplishment has been realizing what is and is not important in life. That alone  has brought me the greatest rewards a girl could ever ask for! Shout out to JESUS!

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