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Building A Currency of Trust

Building A Currency of Trust

Everyone wants their business to thrive and grow into a mega million dollar empire. The American Dream is still real and very much achievable. Several billionaires have gone broke and got their riches back. However, one thing most people don’t talk about is the currency of trust. For your business to grow people must trust you. You can have an amazing product, but if people do not trust you they will not shop at your business.  Continue Reading →

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6 Things You Might’ve Missed on Your Site

6 Things You Might've Missed On Your Site

When you made the leap into the business world you knew you needed a website to grow your company. In order to achieve global domination, building your dream website is a must in your steps to success. Now that you have some skin in the game, you might feel some type of way about the return in the investment you are receiving.

As business owners, we write the plan out over and over, thinking we’ve covered every aspect. All the while, we may miss small details along the way. All the details are in the universe and you have to pay attention to all aspects of your business and site.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself about your site: important things we tend to skip over.

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You’ve Graduated, What Now?

The next steps after graduating college

I am graduating in December, as are most of my friends. As much as it pains me to think about graduating in the dead of Pittsburgh’s winter, I still am really excited to start the life that I’ve always wanted. It’s a difficult process for me to think about because I have so many options when I graduate. I could get a corporate office job editing or copywriting. I could write freelance. I could go to graduate school (and am in the process of applying for Fall 2014). I could take a year to myself and have a service industry job. I could travel (if I had the money). All of these options are open to all graduates, but what is the best one? Here are some steps for what to do after you graduate:

But wait, there’s more!

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How to Manage Your Time

86400 Seconds A Day

We all get the same hours, minutes, and seconds in a day (86,400 seconds to be exact). Studies show that we waste an average of  55 hours a week doing mindless things. Times have changed, and it has effected our productivity. The keys to a successful business can be found in creating time management to achieve your goals.

We spend countless hours “interacting” on social networks, but lack actual social skills. There are countless paradoxical ways that we waste time when we should be more productive. Personally, I am socially awkward and have no problem admitting that, but that’s why I am now a member of my local toast masters club, not sitting in front of a computer screen.

I am not surprised by the amount of time wasted by people who lack time management skills. However, I like my days scheduled out, and it has been that way for quite some time. But wait, there’s more!

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March in Review

Faith Luke 1:37

Thanks of the Month: Thanks go to God. He has covered me for 27 years. He loved me when I didn’t love myself. In my darkest hours, when I wasn’t singing his praises, he still got me through. He is my foundation. He supplies all my needs. In the last couple of weeks, I have heard him and have learned how to be still. He told me via songs, movies, TV shows & even a 2012 sermon from Joel Osteens. I am learning and listening.

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