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Industry Spotlight: Jasmine Lawerence

Learn insight on the natural hair business from industry veteran Jasmine of Eden BodyWorks

You have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, how has the hair care/beauty business changed since you first started? The biggest change I’ve noticed in the beauty business is the increased confidence and education of consumers. The ingredients list of a product is a top concern for them in addition to the product price and the promised effects. Another change I’ve seen is a lot of people sharing their experiences and offering help. I really enjoy this sense of community especially in the natural hair space. Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Trina Small

Whats In Your Bag Trina Smalls of Baby Shopaholic

1. Keys 2. D&G Glasses + Zara sunnies, Earrings 3. Calenda Business cards 4. Stella & Dot tech wallet 5. Planner + Pen 6. Phone 7. My Charge  8. Galaxy Tablet  9. Umbrella 10. Stila liquid lipstick in Fiery +  Laura Mercier lipstick  11. Brush 12. Tabasco packets  13. Fitbit + SD card reader

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment is building a community where I can highlight my favorite small businesses. To have a small business owner call me up excited about how many sales they received and how many hits they got after one of my blog post lets me know I’m doing my job for both my readers and the businesses that support me.  Continue Reading →

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Lessons Learned In June

When I first started writing this month’s review, I truly was at a loss for words. So much has happen in a month’s time. Last month, I wrote that business was an uphill battle. This month, things started flowing with ease again. In May, I knew before the month started that it was going to be a battle, but going into June I knew things would do a 180, which it has been. I experienced so much at the end of May and start of June but it made me stronger. Furthermore, I debated sharing what Lisa and I discussed in our mentor call, but I settled on the fact that her advice should be shared.

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