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Live Your Happiness Now

Live your happiness now

It has been over a week since the confirmation of that Paul Walker has passed away in a car crash. At first, I prayed it was a hoax and he would hop on Twitter. Then, I got emotional about the death of DJ AM too and then Lee Thompson Young’s death. At 28, I have never really experienced death first hand. When my grandparents passed, I was too young to remember it. Plus, my family lived on the other side of the world, so I didn’t see them that often. Continue Reading →

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Goodbye Shop ICB, Hello New World..

I knew for quite some time that changes were coming. I felt the shift long before the idea actually came to my mind, but I never shared what was going on. Then, a couple weeks ago I was talking to my friend Katrice about it and she put the words together perfectly. This transition is organic. It isn’t forced or something catastrophic, it just happened.

You are probably wondering what transition I am talking about. I am closing Shop ICB.

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Texting Etiquette

Text Etiquette

I recently had an experience with one of our clients where I was walking very quickly through downtown Pittsburgh and I all of the sudden asked her, “So what’s your schedule again!” Instead of, “So what’s your schedule again?” I thought that the explanation point would make her super offended because, let’s face it, that’s not appropriate and sounds demanding. I then got to thinking, what ARE the appropriate rules for texting in business? After some research, here’s what I’ve come up with.

But wait, there’s more!

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Humbling Experiences

I am currently sitting at my desk “smizing”, as Tyra Banks says. In the last week I have experienced all types of emotions. Ultimately, a roller coaster ride has turned into a humbling experience. Sometimes we have to be stripped of everything, so that He can build us up bigger and better. I am at that point now.

It’s only a couple of days before I do my monthly recap of what it’s like to be a business owner, but I thought I would go even more personal today. So, if you don’t mind, I am digging deeper into what it is like to be a business owner.

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One Year Later

One Year Later

I launched Blog ICB to have a voice, but it has turned into something I never expected–something WAY BIGGER!! Earlier this month, a reader named Stephanie emailed me to let me know how much the blog inspires and uplifts her. I was beaming like a proud parent! What made it even cooler is that she lives in London. MAH-JA-OR *Rachel Zoe Voice*

I honestly want Blog ICB to be a source for women entrepreneurs. Not to say there are not sources available, but I just personally believe a plethora of those other sources are sugar-coated, and don’t give you the whole picture of business. I know I’m not actually opening my books to the public, but I am opening up certain aspects of business most people don’t show.  Continue Reading →

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Consistency Kills Mediocrity

Tasha in Target blazer, Cato's necklace

I hear it all the time. People want to be the next Oprah, Steve Jobs, Bills Gates or Diddy, but what separates them is consistency. Consistency kills mediocrity. It separates the have’s from the have not’s simply because you have to have the drive, passion, ambition needed to get to the next level. Many people don’t have these qualities. These people are not willing to go the extra mile and push harder when it hurts.

By my terms, I am successful. I have gone four and a half years doing what I love, even when the odds were stacked against me. I keep pushing, and this is why I am where I am. They used to say most people did not make it past the five-year mark in business. Now most people don’t make it past the execution of the actual idea. Continue Reading →

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Mad About Plaid

Tasha in Gap shirt, thrift plaid pants, fendi heels & Jazz bloom bracelet.

I recently created a pinterest board called Mad About Plaid and the inspiration for the board came from seeing Pharrell on his wedding day. I might be the only one who loved his and his wife’s looks, ut I loved it because it was true to their style. Tartan and plaid are great things to incorporate into your fall wardrobe.

Once I started pinning, I remembered thrifting some pants form Salvation Army some time ago. At first they were just sitting in my closet with a bunch of other stuff that I have yet to be inspired by, but I just had to wear them now!  The inspiration hit for this outfit and then I saw one of my favorite bloggers did a post about plaid too! It’s catching on!

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My Fall Must Have List

My Fashion Fall Must Haves

I live in Texas where fall arrives around December, but like almost every woman on earth, I have a fall must-have list. My list doesn’t trail off on some drastic Neiman Marcus excursion–even though that would be really fun—it’s a mix of high and low priced items because that’s how I like to shop. All my friends know I LIVE for Target.

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My Not So Normal Friday

My Not So Normal Friday

Last Friday was the first day working with Britt our ICB brand photographer. We did a product shoot and then we basically ran my errands for the day. Many individuals have said they want more of my life on the blog or just more of the life of my business. However, none of my days are alike, and it’s not so glamorous where I deem it blog worthy.

Brittanie and I are going to try our hardest to integrate more of my business life into the blog. We will also be launching a new series that I am really excited about, so stay tuned. You can check out this behind the scene peek:

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What I Wore

Tasha smiling in wrist soiree, silence + noise shirt and naomi rose jeans

The typical blog post title “What I Wore” is really what you write when you can not think of some witty SEO friendly blog post title. Alas, I find myself at this place. Right now I am in the midst of launching three other websites for clients plus doing other things such as planning a new direction for my companies. So, today I am going to just share what I wore on my not so typical friday last week.

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Consider Me Inspired

Tasha in Vintage Duster & Christian Louboutin's

Why is it so hard for people to utter the words, “Consider Me Inspired?” The phrase literally takes less than five seconds to type or say. When someone copies other people’s work, we are quick to say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” That sentiment is a bucket of lies. People who lack originality and creativity say things like, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” are only masking the fact that they’re just like everyone else–carbon copies. For me, there is inspiration everywhere, so I’ve never understood why people would want to be a carbon copy of another person. However, it’s something that happens daily. We see someone come up with a great idea, and then someone comes along and copies it without giving the original creator credit (or at least changing the original a bit). Continue Reading →

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Stay In The Game

Tasha Juicy Couture Dress

Some time ago, I shared business tips and insight on pricing for profit via instagram. I also talked about bringing your business to Instagram. There was overwhelming response to what I said in those past posts, and I lost several followers because of them. I would much rather be honest about business life than sugar coat it. If you want to hear sugar coated advice about business, there are thousands of sites and millions of people who will give it to you; I however, choose to take the road less traveled. But wait, there’s more!

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