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Pushing Past Limits

Pushing Past Limits TashaICB1

This month has been one for the record books, if I do say so myself. I pushed past personal limits I never knew existed. It started off with me speaking at Texas Style Council in Austin, Texas. It was a wonderful experience. I learned a plethora of new knowledge, connected with amazing friends and blossomed a partnership for my business. Almost finished with third quarter once September starts, I am extremely proud of myself. I am more proud than when I launched Shop ICB or graduated from college. Continue Reading →

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Need. Want. Must Have.

ipad and ipad mini image

Need: Okay, so I never hopped on the iPad train when they first launched. *gasp* I have played with other iPads, but I never purchased one because I have an iPhone. But now since the launch of the Pop Up Shop Tour, it had me thinking that I might not want people’s germy hands touching my personal phone. (Heck no)! So, now I have to decide if I want a mini or an iPad 3. Either way, it’s a tax right off!

Want: OMFG, when I saw this bike on Bike Pretty, my jaw dropped. I immediately wanted it so I could be a cool hipster nerd when I move to my awesome new urban style loft in my ultra cool hip neighborhood. Yes, I am planning another move. I move with ease. It comes from my parents serving 20 years in the Army.

Dolce & Gabbana Leopard bicycle

Must Have: These Givenchy Leather Wedge Knee boots have been calling my name ever since I saw Khloe Kardashian rocking them. No, I do not want the look for less, nor will the look for less just to suffice. Only the Givenchy wedges will do. Now I can hope and pray that they magically end up on my door step, or I can cross my fingers they go on sale and I can at least get them for $1000 dollars. (I consider that a steal by the way). *LOL*

Givenchy Leather Wedge Knee Boots


What are you needing, wanting and must have right now?


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DIY Customize Valentine’s Day

Last week, I was having a conversation with my best friend about how great it was to be a kid, especially during the holidays. We reminisced about the fun of getting Valentine’s Day cards and the candy when you went to school. Everyone received something.  Now as an adult with no boyfriend, I still want to feel special and my friends do too. I remember Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere made cards last year, and that’s where my crafty inspiration came from. Continue Reading →

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Brown Sugar and Glitter: A Lovely Pair

Raise your hand if you thought you became Martha Stewart after joining Pinterest. *Raises hand* I have always loved being creative and crafty, but my level of DIY went to new heights when I was introduced to Pinterest. My favorite things to make are candles, body scrubs, bracelets and anything that requires glitter. For my friends birthdays, they request body scrub, and I thought I would share the process of making Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub. I’m also going to share one of my favorite DIYs, a Glitter Box. Continue Reading →

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Behind The Scenes: Our First Look Book

On Saturday October 27th 2012, I had the pleasure of teaming up with some amazing women to create Imperfect Concept’s first look book. Because having a clear vision is extremely important when creating visual art, I have been planning this look book for a very long time. I can’t believe the day finally came when I would be finished. Our Team: Korin (photographer), Aisha (Hairstylist), Quan (Make Up Artist), and and London & Brit (Stylist). Our lovely models: Leah, Alysha, and Anastasia. It was a wonderful day, and I look forward to working with these ladies again! Take a look:

Here I am prepping the clothes.

Alysha and Stasia rock Team Camo.

Aisha doing her thing on Leah’s hair.

Anastasia getting her hair and make up done at the same time.

Stylist at work.

Our shoe game is mean.


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My First Blog Post

imperfect concepts, blog, BlogICB,

Numerous thoughts are running through my head as my fingertips glide across my keyboard. Where does one start for their first blog post as a business owner? It has been a long beautiful journey getting to this exact point in development of Imperfect Concepts, so I will start at the beginning:

To make lengthy story short, Imperfect Concepts was created three and a half years ago (1,236 days ago if you want to be exact). I was frustrated with the retail consignment industry and what I was earning for my awesome wardrobe: it wasn’t enough. So, I took out the middleman and started my own company. I knew NOTHING about running a business, but I put my feet firmly on the ground and went the course God made for me. As He continues to lead me, now, three years later I’m still learning, developing, having fun and connecting with my customers.

As a great majority of you know I used to blog about my personal life and all that jazz. Both a lack of creativity and unfortunate run-ins with stalkers stopped that blog in it’s tracks. I’m serious, a women showed up at my high-rise wanting to hang out. I was completely spooked. Thank God for my concierge!

Fast forward to this very moment. My goal for the ICB blog is to focus on the life of an entrepreneur. The glamorous moments: being featured in the Atlanta Tribune. The not-so-glamorous: running to hide in a corner because the world feels like it is against me (moments like when my site crashed  GRRRR).  I will not bore you all with info about SEOs, quotes from authors and book lists, but that is a big part of what I do. However, on this blog there will be a plethora of posts on shopping, fashion, gift guides and my personal life. Like the header says “Inside Imperfect Concept’s World,” the focus will be on entrepreneurship and my journey as a business owner.

Thank you to those of you who have supported me over the years. Thanks are also due to my readers. Thank you!

Whether you are familiar with my story already or if you are new to Imperfect Concepts, I am ready for you to join me on this journey. Let’s go have some fun!

P.S. My graphic skills are not the “bomb.com” yet, so please bear with me. I plan on attending several classes in 2013.


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