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How We Have Transitioned From The Glorification Of Busy To Establishing Self-Care Routines

Being fake busy is killing our society, but its time for the conversation to change regarding self-care. | Imperfect Concepts

For the longest, that I can remember the glorification of busy has been a thing that people love discussing. To be completely honest, I was never a fan of the glorification of busy or fake busy, because I understood that it could hinder you more than it can help you. Over the years, we have all read stories of people saying “they will sleep when they are dead” or “resting is for the rich, powerful and wealthy.” All those things and more have been lies created in entrepreneurial communities and hyped up by some influential people who have robust teams that help them. Today, I want to talk to you about the transition from the glorification of busy to self-care matters when it comes to your small business, personal life and more. Continue Reading →

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Home Decor On An Entrepreneur Budget

Home Decor on An Entrepreneur Budget #imperfectconcepts

Pinterest has inspired numerous wardrobes, haircuts, weddings, and home decor. I totally get wanting to have a home that looks just like the ones off of Pinterest. We all know that isn’t very realistic, but fret not, you can still have everything you want and more on an entrepreneur budget. It is all about working smarter not harder when it comes to sourcing your decor. Continue Reading →

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