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5 Local Resources For Business

Local Resources For Business

Now more so than ever, people have been putting a tremendous amount of emphasis on how the best way to grow your business is by advertising online to a global market. Scaling your business is amazing for when your company gets there, however growing your business locally is even better. There is a high magnitude of local resources for the small business owners if they learn to focus on their local demographic first.  Continue Reading →

15 In Marketing/ Networking

Grow Your Own Brand Locally

How to grow your own brand locally in your community.

Last month, on social media, I felt the need to speak out about how many people want national recognition but are not known in their local communities. When a politician wants to run for office, they start a grass root campaign. An average Joe can’t just run for president if he is unknown to the public. He has to start locally, and work his way up the ladder. As a small business owner, you must do the same thing.

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