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Creating Winning Black Friday Marketing Strategy

4 Ways to create a winning black friday marketing strategy that lands you sales all throughout the weekend. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #blackfriday #marketing

As of today, we are roughly 21 days away from Black Friday the true market of holiday season for a majority of retailers and much more. One thing, that is stated year after year is Black Friday is the day that brings in millions of dollars for companies in one single day. Is it possible for you as a business owner to get a slice of the pie? Yes, very much so. Last November specifically Black Friday weekend I brought in $7,500 dollars from digital salesContinue Reading →

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Beginners Guide To Instagram

Beginners Guide To Instagram

Everyone has a favorite social media platform to use for whether for personal or business use. When Instagram first launched, I really didn’t get the platform or how a couple of years later it would be a key element to my businesses success. It has become my go to platform to connect with my audience, to release products, and just showcase a part of my life.  Continue Reading →

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Guide on How To Use Pinterest

Guide On How To Use Pinterest

In our social media series thus far we have discussed determining which social media platform is best for your small business, how to create and design a Facebook fan page, and today we are discussing the wonderful world of Pinterest. I remember getting the invitation to beta test Pinterest a couple of years ago and I immediately fell in love with the platform. At the time a plethora of people and some still are very much in love with Tumblr. Tumblr lacked in several areas, primarily, giving people credit for the image. Pinterest virtually solved this problem, even though, there are still dead-end pins sometimes.  Continue Reading →

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How To Create & Design A Facebook Fan Page

How To Create & Design A Facebook Page #imperfectconcepts

As of the third quarter of 2014, Facebook averages 1.35 billion monthly active users. That is a ginormous amount of people in your arms reach, if you have a Facebook fan page. Chances are you thought no I don’t need one. Twitter and Instagram work better for my small business. However, if you decide to create or design a Facebook fan page here is your go to guide on how.

Continue Reading →

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Avoiding Social Media Abandonment

Avoiding Social Media Abandonment #imperfectconcepts

When you launch your small business, one of the first tips people share after you acquire your domain, hosting, and legal entity, is to secure your social media names through sites such as nameck.com or checkusernames.com. Time and time again, I have seen consulting clients wait until the very last moment to get their social media names only to find out they can’t. It can throw a monkey wrench into your plans. You will have to add shop, an underscore, or something of that nature.

What’s worse is when your company jumps on a million platforms and then abandons them. Leaving your target audience guessing what is going on. This is something we did when we jumped onto YouTube then abandoned it weeks later. However, the tips below are tips we are using to help get us back on the platform and you can use them too. Continue Reading →

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4 Black Friday Deals To Avoid

4 Black Friday Deals To Avoid #imperfectConcepts

In the last couple of years, Black Friday deals have become stale when it actually comes to the wow factor they give customers. Big box retail stores have pushed Black Friday deals to Thursday to cover up they really aren’t deals. They are just fluff. Which has caused outrage on social media. Last year consumers shared their frustrations on the offers that were presented to them. Avoid these pit falls for your business. Continue Reading →

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3 Marketing Tips For Successful Holiday Season

Marketing Tips For A Successful Holiday Season #imperfectconcepts

It’s that time of year again – HOLIDAY TIME – and all businesses need to get their holiday season marketing plans in place. Nowadays, customers want the best deals that they can find, convenience, and out of this world customer service. If you want to be successful this season (and have tons of sales), it’s up to you to provide all 3 “wants” to your customers and I will show you how in 3 easy steps.  Continue Reading →

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How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign On A Budget

How To Do Holiday Marketing Campaign On A Budget #imperfectconcepts

One thing that is common amongst those who start a small business is a tight or non-existent budget for their company’s holiday marketing campaign. Which is understandable and at the same time fixable. To help you make the most of your holiday season for your small business, we have created a how to on holiday marketing campaigns for various budget levels. This will help you maximize your dollar and get a great investment return. Continue Reading →

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