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How To Network With A Purpose & Collaboration In Mind

Arent we all over networking events that feel like a waste of time and a good outfit that wasn’t even photographed? Well, that is why I am all about networking with a purpose and collaboration in mind. You’re not going to networking events just to be seen or to have a filler photo for your Instagram feed. You’re there to connect with others in order to have a purposeful relationship that brings forth collaborations in the future. There are five things you must keep in mind prior to attending conferences, workshops, networking events or other gathers with your peers. Continue Reading →

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3 Rules To Help Master The Art Of Following Up

How to master the art of the follow up to guarantee you a response from the people you want to connect with. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #networking

Let’s just be honest from the star of this most people don’t follow up after meeting other people. That is the main problem when it comes to the art of the follow up. However, another issue is people do not know how to follow up correctly. They thinking throwing up an assist in the air that Lebron will be at the rim ready to dunk. In the last three years, I have created a simple plan that allows my follows to dunked and laid up into a beautiful relationships. Continue Reading →

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5 Ways To Build Your Company With Word Of Mouth

Learn how building my company through word of mouth has taken me from $25K a year to high six figures. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #blog

In the last four years of business, I have solely focused on utilizing word of mouth to build my company over paid advertising and marketing strategies. In past years, I experimented with paid advertising on blogs and there was no real return on investment for me as a business owner. Then I started really observing how I as a consumer was buying from “strangers” on the internet and such. Because technically if you don’t know someone they are a stranger, lol.  Continue Reading →

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The Difference Between A Tribe and Mastermind Groups

Over the last year, I have heard more and more about Tribes and Mastermind groups. Last year and this year, I wrote about Building A Tribe Of Small Business Owners and Find Your Tribe In A Competitive World because I noticed more and more how lonely being a business owner can be for some. However, one thing I had noticed is a plethora of people were confusing a tribe and mastermind groups.  Continue Reading →

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Grow Your Network By Using Social Media

Learn how you can grow your network of friends and supporters by using social media. | Imperfect Concepts #SocialMedia #SmallBusiness #Networking

Want to know a little secret? I have met some of my closest friends on social media. Katrice, Kristen, Tiffany, Jessica, Erica, Brandi, & Amy have all been met through social media or blogging. I trust all of these women with my business and personal life. Social media is one of the best free tools in the world, yet most people use it incorrectly on a daily basis. If you’re an introvert and have a tough time networking in reality, it’s time to maximize social media to grow your network.

Continue Reading →

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How To Maximize Your Networking

It’s very important to maximize your network when running a small business. Attending social gatherings or networking events is much more than tweeting that you are there or taking a selfie. Going to the event with a game plan will help you maximize your network. To increase your net worth you need to increase your network. Meet new people. Connect with people who are striving for excellence. No one should be in the same place they were last year after making connections. Continue Reading →

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