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Life As An Entrepreneur: Random Musing April

Can I be honest for a second? Well of course I can, since this is my site, I can do whatever I want. Last week I discussed depression, anxiety, and the comparison trap. I received a plethora of great responses and feedback from this online space, in addition to, a few other sites I shared it on. Okay, back to the honesty part. I truly wish more people were honest in business. One of my biggest pet peeves is people not living their life the way they say they are. They give off a “rose-colored” glasses lifestyle via social media. Having their audience believe one thing and doing another. Oh another would be, people taking advice from fluff experts.

Fluff experts are people who pull things from others and they give out the advice to their audience as if it was their own. When in actuality they don’t know a thing. They just want to be important. Running a business is EXTREMELY HARD. I see bad advice on social media daily and I cringe. Telling someone not to get a LLC because it is “too expensive” is not cool. It’s too expensive to be sued too.

Well, that’s my mini intro or rant for this month. That topic has really been grinding my gears, as of lately.   Continue Reading →

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