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Creating SEO Friendly Photos For Your Website

Creating SEO Friendly Photography For Your Website #imperfectconcepts

Have you ever wondered, how images appeared in search engines? For the longest time I never paid attention to it nor knew how until launching a business. The answer to how is people took the time to make sure that the images they uploaded to their websites are SEO rich in keywords. Making sure you create SEO friendly photos for your website is a great way for future customers or clients to discover you.

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13 Tips To Help Increase Your Photography Skills

13 Tips To Help Increase Your Photography Skills #imperfectconcepts

When starting a business hiring a professional photographer to take your product shoots might not be in the budget. It can be a very costless expense when you are bootstrapping your business. We are now in the do it yourself era of running a business. Buying a camera, lighting equipment and more is simply the Tools Of The Trade to start your own photography studio for your products. We have crowdsources amazing tips from across the internet to help you with your photography skills Continue Reading →

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Death To Stock Photography

Death To Stock Photography

A majority of the images on our site come from stock photography companies we use. No one wants to read a lengthy blog post that is not broken up with imagery. Only person who gets away with no imagery is Seth Godin. Stock photography is something we have discussed before. No, you cannot just pull images from Google and use them. You can get in a heap of trouble. One small business was sued for $10K a couple years back for using someone else’s grainy photo.  Continue Reading →

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