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Social Media, Email Marketing, and Podcast; Which One Is Best For You

Breaking down which social media platform is best for your small business. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbiz #marketing #socialmedia

There is a plethora of questions I receive on a given day. One of the most common questions deal with social media, email marketing and podcast which one is best for you as small business owners. This is a great question to ask and figure out for you as a business owner. Especially, if you’re just starting out and all the nose in the blogosphere is confusing you on what you need to be doing.  Continue Reading →

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5 Amazing Podcast For The Entrepreneur

5 Amazing Podcast For The Entrepreneur #imperfectconcepts

If you asked me a year ago the best podcast for entrepreneurs to listen to I would give you a blank stare. That’s how much I avoided and didn’t acknowledge the podcast community. Mainly, because I can do several things at once but I cannot listen in and multitask. If you know what I mean. I need to pay attention to all the details and take notes, if necessary. Well, with all these podcast you are going to want to pause what you are doing and just listen.

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