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How To Find The Right Publicist

The B3 Vision Group

Should I work with a small boutique firm or a large firm? That depends on you, your business/brand, and your wallet. As a small boutique PR firm owner, I can only scream the benefits of working with a company such as myself. Typically with smaller firms, there are no one-fits-all types of PR campaigns – everything is customized to the client. A smaller firm can think faster on their feet, adapt to any situation that can arise and can easily roll with the punches. Smaller PR firms are also less expensive than bigger firms.
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Ask An Expert: Publicist

The B3 Vision Group

The B3Vision Group, founded in 2010, is a full service beauty, entertainment and fashion public relations firm, where we are always accessible to our clients and the attention to them is always personalized. We are creative, innovative and responsive individuals who are passionately focused on the needs of our clients. Our success is measured by our relationships, our ethical approach to achieve results for our clients and our determination to be the best at what we do. We are committed to delivering informed, media-saavy public relations services based on superior industry knowledge, a complete and thorough understanding of the issues that affect both our clients and their respective target audiences and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do.

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