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5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Business

5 Easy Steps To Launch Your Business

You have gone through the emotions and even made pro’s and con’s lists about your dream business. Now you are ready to launch your business but you are lost on how to actually do that. In Kick Start Your e-commerce Consultation I walk clients through a 5 week course on how to launch their business, including: site design, branding, payment gateways and much more. Continue Reading →

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3 Reason Why Your Business is Failing

3 Reasons why your small business is failing

One of the main things my clients and social media followers discuss is how they feel their businesses are failing. They have tried a million in one things, but they cant seem to stay afloat in their business. It should also be noted that it often takes a business at least a couple years to actually break even, you do not magically become an overnight success with millions coming in. Remember this as you are going along this entrepreneurial journey.

Some people do not give their dream businesses that long before deeming it a failure and moving on to the next big thing. Let’s work on three things that are preventing you from actually succeeding in the creative entrepreneur world.

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3 In Marketing/ Public Relations

HARO: Have You Heard

Help A Report Out

Help A Report Out has become my best friend in only three weeks. HARO is a website that helps reporters and freelancers get leads and quotes for their stories. As a small business owner it is extremely hard to get press without having a PR firm behind you. I opt-ed out of hiring one for the simple fact I have a degree in PR and worked in the field for 4 years. HARO helps me out because I lack a connection to publications. Connections that reach out to publications greatly help small businesses. Since joining the site, I have been interviewed for several major publications, which is really cool. Each freelancer asked to keep me on their source list for other stories that might come up. Help A Report Out is a free service that will help you out (trust me). The only slight downfall is that they email you three times a day which can be slightly overwhelming. HARO immediately called me and tried to sell me vocus, but I had to decline. Even though this can be a lot, I highly suggest joinging HARO to help grow your business with the press.

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