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How to Manage Your Time

86400 Seconds A Day

We all get the same hours, minutes, and seconds in a day (86,400 seconds to be exact). Studies show that we waste an average of  55 hours a week doing mindless things. Times have changed, and it has effected our productivity. The keys to a successful business can be found in creating time management to achieve your goals.

We spend countless hours “interacting” on social networks, but lack actual social skills. There are countless paradoxical ways that we waste time when we should be more productive. Personally, I am socially awkward and have no problem admitting that, but that’s why I am now a member of my local toast masters club, not sitting in front of a computer screen.

I am not surprised by the amount of time wasted by people who lack time management skills. However, I like my days scheduled out, and it has been that way for quite some time. But wait, there’s more!

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