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Newbie’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Newbies Guide To Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is everyone’s favorite subject matter to talk about {says sarcastically}. However, if you search on pinterest or join a group chat on twitter, it’s the topic of choice. Experts realize this increases their site views. Brilliant in a sense. SEO can however be really confusing — especially when you are new to small business. Algorithms are constantly changing and the top companies who are the gatekeepers on the subject are tight lipped about it. Continue Reading →

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Get in Gear: Image Alt Tags

How Image Alt Tags work for your small business

What the heck is an image alt tag? Why, it’s a part of SEO of course. As we evolve from a literary to a visual world, we will begin to see a change in the internet in terms of how we handle images. You have probably already noticed the change in Twitter recently. They have begun to show pictures to the link that you submit with your posts. Facebook and Twitter both have kind of taken a few pointers from Instagram’s enormous success with pictures. I personally believe that this is the way our social media presences are moving. I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter and Facebook started using filters and videos on their feeds. While we begin to reassert our focus, let us remember to treat photos with all of our knowledge of SEO at hand. .
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