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Five Step Action Plan For Launching A New Product or Service

Learn how to create buzz around your new product or service, before your launch day. Tips on marketing, social media and launch cheerleaders. | Imperfect Concepts

Okay, I know the struggle is real when it comes to having an action plan for launching new product or service. This is something so many small business owners have issues with because it’s not something they create a plan around. Heck, a plethora of small business owners do not have a launch plan for when they plan on starting their company, that is why I created Launch Week guide to help others. However, today, I want to share a five step action plan for launching a new product or service for your small business. Landing sales on the first day are essential to your mindset of you can do this, and you can do this with these tips.

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How To Raise Your Rates Without Giving Clients Sticker Shock

Showcase the investment of your service to prevent sticker shock. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness

In the 2 and a 1/2 years of running my consulting company, I have raised my price three times. Each time I wondered if I would I still be able to book clients. Right now, ICB Consults has a waiting list of people wanting to work with me. My current rate is $375 an hour. When I started my rate was $65 dollars an hour. I have grown drastically. Many business owners are scared of what will happen if they raise their prices. The fear of losing clients is too much of a risk for them .  Continue Reading →

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Help Your Clients Go From Indecisive To Decision Makers

Teaching your clients how to go from indecisive to decision makers.

Let me give you a scenario to think about…You have successfully launched your own service based company. A vast amount of individuals have signed up for your low-cost consultations. They are excited to work with you because you leverage social media to build brand awareness and they know you’re the best company for them. However, after the consultation they become indecisive on which package is right for them. They can’t decide between digital products, eBooks, eCourses, eUniversities or something else your offering. You caused this problem and there is a simple way to fix it.  Continue Reading →

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7 Best Practices On Acquiring New Clients

How to acquire new clients in these seven easy and simple steps.

My consulting firm, ICB Consults, will have been around for two years this month. Running a consulting company is somewhat like running an online boutique. However, I have learned way more in the last two years from digging into this industry and carving out my own little style of consulting than I could have imagined. A consulting firm is only as great as the clients on its rooster. I’m always telling my clients that they are a reflection of my business. If they don’t succeed people will judge my business too. Acquiring the right clients takes a lot of practice.  Continue Reading →

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How To Land Your First Client

How To Land Your First Client

In March of 2013, I launched ICB Consults to help other women launch their own small business. As mentioned before, I had a built in audience and the transition from retail to consulting was slightly easier for me than most people who are jumping into the service industry.

I will share my actual story next month to educate and bring awareness of my own business. When I do Q&A on Instagram most people ask how do they land clients and keep them. We’re going to discuss how to land your first client and how to create a stream of income from your client basis.  Continue Reading →

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