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Ten Ways To Drive Traffic Towards Your Website

Easy ways for you to drive traffic to your website as an online business owner. Imperfect Concepts
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No matter, if you’re a product or service based business driving traffic to your website is important. I know you prefer creating, designing, purchasing the products, and all the other aspects of business and selling feel icky to you, but it doesn’t have to be. Over the last eight years of business, I have used several ways to drive traffic to my website for new products, service launches and much more.

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How To Develop and Produce New Product That Sell

Step by step guide on how you can develop and produce new products that sell every time.

Now that I am focused on content creating and running a consulting firm, I’m constantly receiving an abundance of questions. One specifically is, how can a service business curate a constant stream of new products without giving out trade secrets or diluting their brand. One thing I don’t really believe in is trade secrets. You can either google your answer or you learn from getting skin in the game. I understand being protective of contacts that took you years to cultivate and nurture.  Continue Reading →

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Characteristics of The Ideal Client

Helping you understand how you can determine the characteristics of your ideal client.

When I first launched ICB Consults, the thought of an “ideal” client was not the first thing that crossed my mind when it came to launching a consulting business. My only thought was “I want people who can pay my monthly fee”. After, experiencing several nightmare clients, I have learned that all service businesses should create a list of characteristics of their ideal client.  Continue Reading →

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