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Everybody Loves Paypal

Paypal Mafia Founders

If you randomly walk up to anyone who might fall in the age demographic of 18-34, ask them about PayPal, chances are they know what it is and have a registered account. Most business owners we encounter simply have the PayPal option for their customers and only know this option to be their preference.

PayPal is not your only option, there are as we discussed in our Payment Gateway series thus far. However the company is America’s favorite right now. Continue Reading →

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Shop Small: Accessories Edition

Shop Small Accessories

Sadly, our Shop Small Series has come to an end. You can check out past posts here and here. We are finishing the series with one of my favorite things: Accessories. I am a handbag and scarf girl to the core. It might seem crazy but, I will pass up shoes for those two things in a heart beat. Which is even more crazy we hardly get cold weather in Texas and I have over 40 scarves in my collection.

Three of today’s items have been featured on the site via our What’s In Your Bag series: Gigee Marie, Clutched & Covered and Love Cortnie.

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Small Town USA: Georgetown

Georgetown, Texas

First, I want to put the disclaimer on the Small Town USA features: Everyone has their own opinion on the size of a small town. Even Google or Webster have different definitions. A small town can be 5 people, 500 people, 5000 people, or 500,000 people. No one is going to agree on the exact number. For the sake of these posts, I am using my definition of a small town. The luxuries that most Americans have are not really in these towns. In our first of the series, I mentioned to a commentator that Starbucks didn’t come to Killeen until 2006. Most “major cities” have always had a Starbucks.

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Shop Small: Clothing Edition

Shop Small Clothing

Today for the Shop Small Edition, we will be focusing on clothing. Every girl loves adding new pieces to their wardrobe, and with these amazing pieces, it’s more fun than ever! I didn’t realize how many small business owners I know and support until I started making these shop small lists. You can see part 1 {here} and parts three and four will be up very soon.

We have actually spotlighted Praise Clothing LA and DOTK in our What’s In Your Bag series.

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Shop Small: Jewelry Edition

Shop Small Jewelry

It’s that time of year again–where American Express puts an emphasis on shopping small in order to help support the small business community. If you have been a reader of Imperfect Concepts, you know I am huge fan of small business owners. We push shop small year round with a goal of spending $100 or more in the small business community per month.  So, for your small business shopping needs, I will provide lists of where to shop small, which covers jewelry, beauty, clothing and more. Today we are focusing on jewelry.

Several of these ladies have been featured in our What’s In Your Bag Series: Wendy Brandes, T+J Designs, and Wrist Soiree

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Thrifting In Killeen

Thrifting in Killeen, Texas

Hi guys! Brittanie here, writing my first post for the blog. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of thrifting with Tasha, and can I just say…I was pretty excited! We met up in Killeen and ventured around downtown, which is being completely renovated, and then we headed to a few thrift stores.

I lived in Killeen for almost 10 years, but I had no idea about the downtown area–other than that’s where our only Burger King was. When Tasha said we’d be taking photos and thrifting in Killeen, I didn’t think it would be as nostalgic as it was. It was so much fun walking around and seeing all of the old buildings and browsing through the cute mom & pop stores throughout the area. Continue Reading →

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