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Guide To Understanding e-commerce Sites

Guide To Understanding eCommerce Sites

All e-commerce sites are not created equal when it comes to your companies needs. We have discussed your website needs several times on the site. You can read about Must Haves Shopping Cart, Call To Action, Things You Missed on Your Site and so many more to come. For your business to be successful, you must research and find the right platform for you to use — not just sign up with the cheapest one.  Continue Reading →

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Using Squarespace for Small Business

Using Squarespace For Small Business

One of the main things I struggled with when launching my first start-up was the actual design and implementation of the online store front. Let’s first note that — “online store front, e-commerce site and shopping cart” are interchangeable phrases. They are terms used in describing your website. It can be very confusing when launching, but we are here to simplify it for you. Online shopping has changed drastically since I entered the industry five years ago.

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5 Must Haves For Your Shopping Cart

Everything your small business website shopping cart needs for you to succeed!

Creating a website for your business can be a good amount of work, but when you add a shopping cart aspect to it – it is another level of work. With my first business, I researched for weeks and it was completely overwhelming trying to understand what I needed for my shopping cart. I had to decide which shopping cart was best for me, not an easy task.

Don’t be overwhelmed with all the bells and whistles that a shopping cart company boast about.  Continue Reading →

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