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Summer School For Small Business

Summer School For Small Business Owners

It never hurts to avoid some of the trials and tribulations of owning a small business, now it’s even easier with online tools and resources. TV Shows and movies really make you believe that being a small business or entrepreneur is easy and that customers will just coming running to you. However in real life, it is nothing like that and you are always learning.

Summer school for small business is now in session!

As entrepreneurs or a small business, you are constantly learning things regarding your day to day business activities. Things like – shipping, invoices or social media all on through how to scale your company website back end design. One thing I am adamant about is learning and education. Continue Reading →

4 In Advertising/ Marketing/ Startup Basics

Guidelines to Subscription Email Marketing

Guidelines To Subscription Email Marketing

Are you surprised at the number of subscription email marketing newsletters in your inbox? You’re probably not  because as we discussed last month, email marketing is a really great tool for your small business. I advise you to start doing this to grow your business. However, we will discuss the wrong ways to grow your business that could make future customers or clients upset.  Continue Reading →

3 In Money/ Payment & Collections

Show Me The Money: Direct Payment

Last week, we started the conversation on payment gateways for your business. We learned there are more than three options for you to use and the basic knowledge of how it works for your business. Today, we are going to focus on the direct payment options that most small businesses do not even realize are out there.

To be honest, I knew I could have a pay direct option on my site, but didn’t know how to incorporate that. We all shop online and let’s be honest, big companies didn’t start integrating Paypal as an option for customers until 2010. That begs to question, what were the big companies using prior to this date? They were using direct pay.

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2 In SEO/ Technology

Are You Relevant?

SEO Relevant to your site

With our SEO basics series, we’re picking up where we left off last week. Last time, we talked about popularity–a part of SEO that is based on your social media status. For the second part of SEO, we will focus on your content. Ways to buff up your content are really based on your niche, so if you have any questions, let us know. This is how to improve your relevancy for the creative start up. Let’s get to it.
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