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3 In Customer Service/ Startup Life

Customer Service: The Little Things

The little details of customer service that really matter for your small business

In the business world, people are always pushing the “new way” of doing things. Those people always advertise things like: How to obtain the best and brightest employees by using yada-yada strategy, how to get new customers loyal to your company, how to engage with your customers on social media and beyond, how the old marketing and selling strategies are losing, and much more. Trust me, I am all for innovation and advancement, however, sometimes these new methods do not build lasting relationships.
But wait, there’s more!

0 In Marketing/ Public Relations

Who Are You Pitching To?

Perfect Pitch For Business

There is an art to pitching. One must have different pitches for every audience & it needs to be customized every time. Pitching press, customers & boutiques are all different. Just like a baseball pitcher has developed a craft for when he throws a ball to the hitter, no pitch is alike for them either. The curve, fastball, breaking ball, change up are all thrown differently depending on the opponent. This is the same for business pitches.  But wait, there’s more!

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