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3 Every Day Money Management Tools

3 Every Day Money Management Tools

Mo Money – mo problems. No, not really, but anytime I think about money management it is something that pops into my head. If you follow either of my businesses you know I have declared a war on my debt. I have joined the legions of Dave Ramsey fanatics serving Sallie Mae her eviction notice. I have written about my debt before on here.

For some reason people do not discuss debt, but we do however discuss the things that help us accumulate debt by the thousands. Seriously, long onto any social media network you will see people discussing Rockstars shoes, Celine bags and Prada dresses. Honestly, outside the rich kids of Instagram, do any of us have that much disposable income to live life like that at such a young age? Nope, keeping up with the Joneses is real. It’s actually one of my favorite movies too.  Continue Reading →

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5 Pre Business Launch Expense

5 Pre Launch Business Expenses

There is so much information we have to consume in order to run a business. However, most of the time, people skip the talks about the basics of business and launching your business. There was so much I did not know when I first launched. Let’s just say I am very happy to help others learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to make those countless missteps in business.

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How to Separate Your Business & Personal Finance

Learning how to separate your business and personal finances

I have insinuated this point in previous articles and I think by now, I am at least partially preaching to the choir. However, for the sake of being thorough — we should briefly talk about why you should separate business and personal finance. I’m going to give you both a legal take and a personal take on this issue. I will also suggest a couple of best practices to help maintain separation.  Continue Reading →

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