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Sole Proprietorship Vs Limited Liability Company

Sole Proprietorship vs Limited Liability Company

One more time – we are going to talk about the Limited Liability Company or LLC. I have been getting a lot of questions lately that all basically boil down to the question: “is it necessary for me to set up and LLC or sole proprietorship?” The answer to such s general questions is — it depends. Really the only time that it depends is when you are thinking about setting up a corporation, limited liability partnership, or professional corporation/partnership/etc. If your default is to be a sole proprietor or a traditional partnership, then the answer is always YES, you must set up your LLC. Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Trina Small

Whats In Your Bag Trina Smalls of Baby Shopaholic

1. Keys 2. D&G Glasses + Zara sunnies, Earrings 3. Calenda Business cards 4. Stella & Dot tech wallet 5. Planner + Pen 6. Phone 7. My Charge  8. Galaxy Tablet  9. Umbrella 10. Stila liquid lipstick in Fiery +  Laura Mercier lipstick  11. Brush 12. Tabasco packets  13. Fitbit + SD card reader

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment is building a community where I can highlight my favorite small businesses. To have a small business owner call me up excited about how many sales they received and how many hits they got after one of my blog post lets me know I’m doing my job for both my readers and the businesses that support me.  Continue Reading →

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