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Creating Social Capital For Business

Creating Social Capital For Business

Creating social capital for business is something I wouldn’t say that I am new to, but the wording was just never presented to me this way until hearing Kevin Kyom of Tech Ranch Austin speak last year. Kevin is a brilliant man that’s pushing the notion of being a part of an ecosystem community, bootstrapping and being passionate about what you’re pursuing in life. You can say we hit it off because of having many things in common when it comes to the entrepreneurial community.

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Power In Finishing

Power in finishing

How many projects did you start this year? How many did you complete? How many new business ventures did you think of? How many did you actually execute?

Like most Americans, we start projects but don’t finish them. I even do this, but I’ve made an effort to try and stop doing it. I sit and actually think through what I want to accomplish–what is the end game… If I can’t see where I want to go, there is no need in starting a project.  Continue Reading →

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DARE To Be You

Tasha in Vera Pella Jacket, Vintage DARE Shirt, HM Jeans

Be different, be adventurous, be funky! People tell you all the time how you’re supposed to be when you should actually just be yourself. If you aren’t quirky, hipster, nerdy, girlie or whatever else, don’t be. DARE to be you 100% off the time. Authenticity is truly original, and it will make you stand out.

I have always been Tasha, and I’m really good at it. People always told me when I was young that I was “nerdy, different, special and weird.” As an adult I still get that from people. Most of the time, I just give them ice cold stares because they are not saying it in a flattering way. Continue Reading →

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