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How To Maximize Your Tax Refund

Learn how to maximize your tax refund to help you grow your small business.

For the last two weeks on Twitter, I have seen several W2 meme’s and people discussing what they will do once all their papers come in. There use to be a time when I got close to a thousand dollars back on my taxes. I was also a decade younger and naive to what handling my finances really meant. I wanted to share with my fellow business owners how they could maximize their tax refunds no matter the amount received.  Continue Reading →

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Small Business Tax Write Offs

Top missed small busines tax write offs.

Recently on Twitter, I shared some small business tax write-offs that most entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and soon-to-be small business owners forget about. The first couple of years in business, my accounting was less than acceptable for business. I went to H&R block and let them do what they thought was best. Lesson learned: hire a CPA or Accountant. It’s worth every penny. My accountant, Rose, only costs me $75 a year. I am one lucky entrepreneur.
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