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Say No to Stuffing!

How not to stuff your site, social media and blog with keywords for SEO

I hope all of you enjoyed my post, SEO 101 where I talked about the commonly under-defined key terms of search engine optimization. A lot of business owners are newbies when it comes to SEO, so they feel embarrassed about asking what a robots.txt file is or even what a permalink is for. One way a small business owner can accommodate for their lack of SEO experience is to hire an SEO specialist. However, most people who claim to be “SEO specialists” have to constantly stay updated about the changing world of SEO. SEO is constantly reinventing itself, and it is easy to get left behind. Because of this, make sure you check a SEO specialist’s credentials before you trust them with your business. You should double check the history of specialists that can “guarantee” increased traffic on your site. The SEO specialists you need to be weary of are the ones who use an archaic strategy called “stuffing” that can potentially get you banned from Goggle. This article is all about saying no to stuffing.

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