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Choosing To Have An Attitude Of Gratitude During A Tough Season Of Life

Three things I learned during my tough season that has strengthen me to do greater things.

When the aha moment happened for this exact post, the working title was something like “Is it possible to have an attitude of gratitude when 2017 has been kinda shitty.” Seriously, this is what I wanted to title the piece but I felt it was not SEO friendly, and need to work on the wording, lol. If you have been a long time reader of the blog then you know 2017, was not something I planned for at all on any level. At the end of 2016, I was diligently working to secure partnerships and work with clients for this year, but that completely went out the window. Truth be told, I did not want to write the traditional what I am a grateful post that happens on this day. I wanted to be completely honest, in a world full of smoke and mirrors of what is like to muster the strength each day to be thankful.  Continue Reading →

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