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How To Find The Time & Money For Your New Small Business

18 ways to bring a stream of cash in to help you fund your new idea or small business.

My goal with launching Kick Start Your eCommerce courses was to help remove the excuses people from when wanting to open up their own business. Personally, I believe there are two reasons people constantly use when it comes to investing in their dreams. They are “I have no time to go after my dreams” or “money is tight, and I can’t afford to invest.” Most people are living in their comfort zone and the lies they tell themselves to keep them happy, warm and exactly where they are.  Continue Reading →

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Day Planning and Organizing For Small Business

4 Ways to truly organize your business to achieve success during the week. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #service #dayplanning

New and existing small business owners can feel anxiety, stress, and other afflictions on a daily basis. Not realizing that they created most of what ails them. I was creating all the anxiety in my business, no one else was adding stuff to my plate other than me. After listening to an old podcast from a year or so ago with Marc Ecko, did my eyes really open up to day planning, organizing, and small business finance.  Continue Reading →

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Tools To Establish A Schedule For Success

Tools To Establish A Schedule For Success

Time management is the down fall of so many people especially small business owners and freelancers. It’s important to have a schedule or system in place that helps revolutionize how you manage your time. We mentioned before in, 5 Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Business, Google Calendar is one of the tools I personally use for editorial calendars, meetings, coffee dates and consultation information. Then I have a Super Paper LA desk calendar.  Continue Reading →

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How To Streamline Your Business Inbox

How To Streamline Your Business Inbox

I cannot count how many conversations I’ve had with fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners starting with “I wish I could get my inbox down to zero” or “My inbox is over crowded with junk I can’t find that one email”. Meanwhile, I am thinking what kind of emails are they getting that I am not because my business inbox is completely streamlined and organized. Marie Forleo once said if you can answer it in 2 minutes or less do it or something of that nature. That’s what I tend to do. As soon as I see the email if it’s a quick question and response that’s what the person receives. If it is lengthy it gets put on the back burner. Continue Reading →

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What I’ve Learned from Failing

What I have learned from failing

Making a schedule that balances a 9-5 job and your dreams is extremely difficult. To tell you a little about myself, I work at a small downtown café from 6am to 2pm, and I go to school full time, plus I work as a copywriting intern. When I first decided to pursue my dreams as a copywriter, I didn’t know how I could handle the balancing act of work, school and an internship. I imagine that it is the same feeling young entrepreneurs have when they first decide to start a business (STRESS), while struggling to keep up with their “actual” job. Through stress, tears, and developing neurosis, I have come up with some ways to deal with stress and time management.

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