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10 In Design/ Visual Concept

Investing In Visual Imagery For Your Business

How you can spending a little bit of money on visual imagery such as font and stock photos can increase your small business revenue.

As my business grows more and more, I realize the importance of having visual imagery that resonates with my audience. It’s not something I over looked before, but as my business begins to grow in new areas it truly reigns supreme in drawing in a new audience.

I have talked about fonts and stock imagery before but I want to share some great options for you that you might have over looked.  Continue Reading →

4 In Design/ Web Design

How To Launch Your Business on WordPress

How To Launch Your Business on Wordpress Hosting

Starting on WordPress {self hosted} for your small business is very simple and easy to do. I really love how quickly you can get up and running within an hour or less. If you are going to use WordPress to start blogging you will have tremendously more options than Blogger and TypePad. The same goes for if you plan on using WordPress for your service company or eCommerce shop.

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4 In Customer Service/ Startup Life

More Than A Contact Form

More Than A Contact Form

Communication is essential when running a small business. Your clients or customers need to reach you for a multitude of things and sorry but you need more than a contact form. It is great that you installed the plugin or the form came standard with your third-party shopping cart but those things break. Code gets messed up without you doing a thing. So now you have not only missed countless emails but created issues for people who use your services or shop your store. Continue Reading →

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eCommerce Website Template Designs

eCommerce Website Templates

Two weeks ago we started a new series regarding website design. I introduced you to TemplateMonster.com and what they offer for the small business owners. Today, we are going to continue with this series by breaking down the 5 commerce website templates to use with these companies: Drupla, Magento, Joomla, Wix and PrestaShop.

We already shared several WordPress designs that you can implement for your business. I wanted to focus on several other companies that don’t get as much attention when it comes to website design. ICB Consults launched on Wix.com and I am very familiar with the templates they have to offer.

Drupal and Joomla are two very popular companies when it comes to third-party shopping cart businesses.
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