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What’s In Your Bag: Jolie Bloom

WIYB Bloom
1. Snack Pack 2. Business Cards 3. Bag 4. Think Grow and Rich 5. Sticky Notes 6. Jolie Bloom Bar 7. Notepad 8. Square reader and iPhone.
What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment thus far is actually launching Jolie Bloom. I’ve been wanting to create and own an all natural beauty brand for years, but have always talked myself out of it. I finally found the confidence to do it and it feels amazing to have pushed through the fear. The response has been great, now I wonder what I was so scared of.

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What’s In Your Bag: Ink Meets Paper Press

WIYB Allison Nadeau of Ink Meets Paper

Clockwise from top left: 1) iPhone, 2) unlined Moleskine notebooks, 3) Muji pen, 4) mechanical pencil, 5) screen-printed zippered pouch by Charlie & the Fox (where the notebooks and pens are tucked into), 6) ponytail holders, 7) Burt’s Bees lip balm, 8) Baggu reusable bag, 9) Ink Meets Paper business cards and holder by Post, 10) exhibitor badge left over from the National Stationery Show, 11) wallet/clutch by Fossil

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

Definitely being able to run Ink Meets Paper full time with my husband Daniel. It hasn’t always been easy, and there are definitely long days and long nights, but it’s so rewarding. It’s neat to see how many people have had their days brightened by a handwritten note from a friend or family member, and I love how our cards have been able to play a part in that connection.

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What’s In Your Bag: LD Creative Shop

WIYB Lauren of LD Creative
1. Car keys 2. a flash drive 3. stamps 4. cell phone 5. a pen 6. eos lip balm 7. perfume 8. kate spade mini zip pouch cards and cash 9. band aids & nail file 10. mints

What’s your biggest accomplishment? It’s hard for me to say what my biggest accomplishment is, because I think everyone defines success in a different way.  For me, getting the opportunity to travel has always been something that’s been important to me, so getting to visit new places around the world always feels like a huge accomplishment.  I also consider myself very lucky to have started a business that I genuinely enjoy putting a lot of my time and effort into, so I would have to put that at the top of my list as well.  Many people would consider finishing my Masters Degree my greatest accomplishment (I am studying Public Health at Michigan State’s College of Human Medicine), so I guess it depends on who is asking!

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What’s In Your Bag: I See Noise Prints

1. Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Perfume 2. iphone  3. L’Oreal mascara 4. Moleskin agenda  5. Laura Mercier Tinted Miosturizer 6. Pocket mirror 7. Caudalie Grape Water spray 8. Essie Nail Polish 9. Card case  10. Covergirl blush 11. Sephora eyelash curler

What’s your biggest accomplishment?
Taking the plunge into self employment. Trusting my instincts and jumping in with both feet has allowed me to create the life I’ve always wanted for myself. Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Sparkle in Gold

Odette of Sparkle In Gold
1. Chanel Chance Perfume 2. Tory Burch Wallet 3. Cosmetic Mirror 4. Sparkle In Gold Business Cards 5. Car keys/Jonathan Adler Elephant Keychain 6. iPhone 7. Kate Spade and Swarovski Bracelets 8. Bobbi Brown Lipgloss 9. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer 10. Sparkle In Gold Studs 11. Lippy Listick/Lipgloss

What’s your biggest accomplishment? My biggest accomplishment has to be starting my own business at the age of 23. Though I have just started and it may be small, there are so many opportunities! Continue Reading →

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What’s In Your Bag: Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore Photography

1. Wallet 2. Photos 3. Scarf – Madewell 4. Sunglasses – Ray Ban 5. Lipstick – Mac Cosmetics & Kate Moss 6. Nylon Pouch- Marc Jacobs 7. iPhone Case – Free People 8. Hand Sanitizer – Bath & Body Works  9. Clip – France Luxe

What’s your biggest accomplishment? Creating a business from the ground up and making it my full-time career. This summer I celebrate 8 years of being a full-time photographer. I am grateful that I get to do what I love and earn a living at the same time. Getting married and buying a home with my husband are my biggest personal accomplishments. I feel very lucky! Continue Reading →

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Celebrating 5 Years In Business

Celebrating five Years In Business

Can you believe it? Imperfect Concepts has been in business for 5 years! It is mind blowing to me and I own the company. My company all started when I decided to quit my job as a manager and just do what I love. This hasn’t been all glitter and rainbows; it has taught me a plethora of lessons. I thought it would be great to share some helpful tips from my journey. Continue Reading →

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Industry Spotlight: Jasmine Lawerence

Learn insight on the natural hair business from industry veteran Jasmine of Eden BodyWorks

You have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years, how has the hair care/beauty business changed since you first started? The biggest change I’ve noticed in the beauty business is the increased confidence and education of consumers. The ingredients list of a product is a top concern for them in addition to the product price and the promised effects. Another change I’ve seen is a lot of people sharing their experiences and offering help. I really enjoy this sense of community especially in the natural hair space. Continue Reading →

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Are You Relevant?

SEO Relevant to your site

With our SEO basics series, we’re picking up where we left off last week. Last time, we talked about popularity–a part of SEO that is based on your social media status. For the second part of SEO, we will focus on your content. Ways to buff up your content are really based on your niche, so if you have any questions, let us know. This is how to improve your relevancy for the creative start up. Let’s get to it.
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Road To Mentorship

Road To Mentorship

Today I want to talk about how I got to know one of most influential people in my life right now, and how you can go about doing the same. Mentorship is an influential aspect in the development of a person and their business. Having someone that is where you want to be to guide you through the process can be very helpful. A plethora of people miss out on the positivities of having someone guide them through the journey called life. People often feel lost on how to navigate their personal and business lives.

Currently in my life I have one mentor. Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter. She is a brilliant person and has risen to the top of her respective industry, thus creating success on her own terms. My route of perusing her as my mentor was slightly different than other mentors I have had in the past. I approached her via social media and turned my virtual mentor into a real life one. Continue Reading →

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How Search Engines Work

How Search Engines

Search engines only do two things! Isn’t it nice to know that all this time you’ve been stressing about SEO, that all you had to factor were two seemingly small elements? Search engines crawl and list. This is the very first thing you need to know when building the foundations of your SEO campaign. I will explain what crawl and list mean in this post. I will also talk about how your site can land on a search engine’s radar. Let’s do some SEO!
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