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5 Ways To Build Your Company With Word Of Mouth

Learn how building my company through word of mouth has taken me from $25K a year to high six figures. | Imperfect Concepts #blogging #smallbusiness #blog

In the last four years of business, I have solely focused on utilizing word of mouth to build my company over paid advertising and marketing strategies. In past years, I experimented with paid advertising on blogs and there was no real return on investment for me as a business owner. Then I started really observing how I as a consumer was buying from “strangers” on the internet and such. Because technically if you don’t know someone they are a stranger, lol.  Continue Reading →

6 In Growth/ People

Power of 10 Referrals

Power of 10 Referrals

Word of mouth is king, when it comes to promoting and growing your small business to new heights. When I launched my first business I used word of mouth as the primary way to propel my business. I called it the Power of 10 Referrals. I didn’t just want my friends and family to know I was launching an online women’s resale boutique. I wanted their friends and family to know too. Here is how you can use the power of 10 referrals to grow your small business. Continue Reading →

7 In Customer Service/ How To/ Startup Life

Retaining + Obtaining Customers

Customer Service Quote

The key to obtaining and retaining customers is right where people spend their most time… their smart phone shopping some store or engaging on social media. Today I am going to address one of the biggest questions I get: how can I obtain more clients and customers? My first question is always, “how are you treating your current customers or clients?”

Statistics show that it is easier to retain your current shoppers than it is to obtain new ones. This is simply because you have built trust with your customer and that person has become loyal to your brand.

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