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Understanding The Importance Of Landing Sales On The First Day

To feel like a winner when it comes to your business you must learn the importance of landing sales the first day of business. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness

You have not because you ask not. It’s that simple. I’ve spoken numerous times about why people don’t land sales on the first day. The two primary reasons are that they didn’t utilize a landing page for prelaunch, and they didn’t build buzz for their brand on social media. However, today I really want to discuss the importance of landing sales on the first day. See, this is deeper than just making money. It’s about how we think about ourselves and our business.

The What If’s Paralyze Us

Prior to launch we all wonder will my audience get this. Will they be interested in buying? What if they are confused? What if there is no traction? Then there’s the biggest query of them all, “what if I fail?”. We tend to let those “What if’s” paralyze our sense of wonder, ambitions, dreams, and goals. We end up believing the false lies that we tell ourselves versus believing the truth. We are scared shitless that others might not get it. We would rather go back into our shell and never let our ideas see the light of day.

Steve Jobs didn’t let What If’s stop the making of the Lisa, iPod, iPhone, and so many more gadgets that majority of us cannot live without. He stood by his ideas and thus turned his company into a billion dollar empire.

No Sales Equals No One Loves Us

That’s what we immediately think when it comes to our business. However, we never tell people about us for them to love us. We launch a business out of the blue, and expect it to be making a Nordstrom sized revenue stream. We want others to support us but we are not willing to support our own dreams by sharing them. I urge clients to tell their family and friends. It never fails that they come back with, “I really don’t have friends” or “I’ve shared so many ideas, they won’t support this”. Excuses. We use that excuse as our pillow to sleep peacefully at night. We feel okay that no one supported us because we didn’t give them an option to. Which is pretty darn backwards.

To feel like a winner when it comes to your business you must learn the importance of landing sales the first day of business. | Imperfect Concepts #SmallBusiness

If you never put yourself out there, how do you expect to succeed in a world that is in constant motion of discovery?

Landing sales on the first day does something to your psyche; making you feel like a champion. You feel loved, appreciated, and many other positive feelings. I aim to be my clients the first sale when they launch, as long as, I’m not on a shopping fast. As a consultant, I have supported them enough but to put my money where my mouth is means the world to them.

If you’re wanting to land sales on the first day, you need to do a couple of things a well as, be serious about it.

  • Create A Plan

You need a launch plan that is 90 days out from what you need to be doing. Make sure you have EVERYTHING finished; from your LLC all the way to pre-written blog post. You can utilizing Launch Week digital launch kit we created for this.

  • Social Media Plan

You need to be building buzz on social media everyday. Not with an endless ad campaign, but by spreading knowledge and connecting. Use sites like Namechk to acquire all of your social media names. Then, sit down and create a weekly schedule that you will stick to. You can use apps to automate your social media postings.

  • Utilizing A Landing Page

Collect emails and send those campaigns out to your audience. Give them sneak peeks and tell them what to expect. Step by step guide on how to create a landing page.

If you really want to succeed, stop setting your business up for failure. When you truly understand the importance of landing sales on the first day your thought process will change.

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