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How To Grow Your Small Business Awareness Organically

Everyone wants to scale their business at a faster rate than need be, to be honest. In the last seven years, the Imperfect Concepts brand has grown organically at a rate that I prefer. One of the thing I have learned about how to grow your small business organically, stay far away from tricks and gimmicks. You rather focus on building something lasting as everything takes root.

It Takes Time

Yes, you can buy likes, followers and more no matter the platform your small business is own, but it never gives you a true reflection of how your business is doing. Know that what your trying to do takes time. Ignore the business that has been around for two years that got acquired for $2 billions dollars. That is very rare and their competition wanted them out of the market. This actually happens a lot with big companies buying smaller companies making traction. Question when is the last time you made a yearly goal break down for where you want your business to be in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and 10 years. Let that be your guiding light not social media.

Consistent Is Important

Sometimes, I hear more excuses on social media than ways to make it happen. When I first launched my company, I was not super focused and consistent over night. This was a process that I personally had to work on. We make it hard for us to be consistent by placing all these rules and regulations on ourselves. How about we simple start? Let’s say you’re wanting to become more consistent with your social media channels:

  • Determine the three channels you want to be on
  • Determine how you want to communicate with your audience
  • Know what time your audience is on
  • Pick one hour a week to schedule post. You can use Hootsuite and Planoly to do so
  • Get an accountability partner who will keep you focused

5 Tips on what you can do now to help grow your small business awareness online. | Imperfect ConceptsCommunity

In the last seven years, I have owned a clothing store, consulting firm, launched digital products, hosted workshops and now embarking on launching Kick Start Your eCommerce and Business Bestie. Each time the community around my business has embraced me. Nothing is forced when it comes to my business. Everything is a gradual flow to the next project making sense for my community to come along. When you focus on how to grow your small business organically your audience connects with that. They want to be apart of what you’re doing.

Engage Everyone Not Just Influencers and Celebrities

This is something I see happening often. We have to stop constantly engaging people who have a huge platform thinking they are going shout us out. Its time you stopped to engage everyone not just those with millions of followers. I love discovering new people to follow on social media. Numerous times I have found someone new to follow because I was engaging someone else. Take the time to join the conversation on other people’s social media post.

Have A Product

At some point you need a product or service that you’re selling. Yes, I know it takes time to launch a business and I know your working on getting everything right. However, if your building an audience your building it to sell to them. Get your product in order whatever it might be. As, I have stated before customers by from those who they trust. You have built a relationship doing the previous steps and now its time to land some coins.

Understand before an overnight success story is a hit in the press, they have labored for many years trying to find that one thing that would stick. Take your time while building something you want to last.

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