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The Continuous Pursuit Of Happiness

How I chose to pursue happiness over profit and what it did for my business. | Imperfect Concepts #business #blogging #smallbusiness

I spent a year or so running from the thought of being the face of my company. Let’s be completely honest, I have ran most of my business career from being the face of my company. I just didn’t want my face to be out there in the sense of thats Tasha. I wanted to be private, hidden and removing who I was per se away from my audience. It truly caused me anxiety to think of being a lifestyle blogger who wrote content on life, business and personal life. My personal life is pretty boring from my stand point. Here is a run down of a normal day for me: Continue Reading →

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Celebrate Your Business Wins With Less Than $50 A Month

It is important to celebrate your small wins to keep you going. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #businessadvice

As a small business owner, I know how it is sometimes to feel like you are not coming out on top. Things are constantly changing and sometimes it can feel like we are treading water. One of the best things I could possible do for my business is celebrate my small wins with just or even more praise as my big ones. We get so caught up in achieving the bigger goal we don’t realize how those smaller ones got us there and through it all. Today, I want to talk on the subject of celebrate your wins in business with less than $50 a month.

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4 Ways To Build A Professional Entrepreneurial or Freelancer Wardrobe

Simple way to spend $500 or less and establish a professional wardrobe as a small business owner. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogger #wardrobe #budget

In the last couple months, I have consulted more and more local business owners. Especially male business owners, one thing I noted is how they carried themselves based on what they wore. Women also had lots of self confidence or little based on their appearance. One thing I know when it comes to selling is your confidence matters and you receive confindced based on how you look. Continue Reading →

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Decorating Your Home Office For Less Than $500

How to create your pinterest dream office for less than $500. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #homedecor #parsondesk #interior

Funny, the other day I was looking at my desk, chair and other aspects of my home office. A year ago, I was dreaming of all the exact pieces for my home office. Just like almost every woman who has a Pinterest account, I had some serious ambitious about my offices. Actually, when I buy an office building I have an even higher ambition for what I want it to look like.  Continue Reading →

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Tips For Traveling On An Entrepreneur’s Budget

Sharing a couple of tips that can help newbie business travel and relax at the same time. | Imperfect Concepts #Traveler

As an entrepreneur, running four companies can be very expensive, especially when traveling on vacation or even for business related reasons. I seriously love traveling and actually travel  quite often for business. I recently got back from a mini vacation in Las Vegas, then spent a couple of days in town before leaving for Atlanta which is where I’m at right now.   Continue Reading →

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10 Gifts To Give Your Clients, Customers, Supporters & Fellow Small Business Owners

Sharing awesome gifts you can give your supporters.

I am fond of giving gifts. I love making others feel appreciated; showing them that they matter. You can say one of my five love languages is gifts but I give them verse expecting to receive as a way to show love. I do love receiving them to, don’t get me wrong. Always open to new shoes, Chanel bags and trips around the world.

If you’re a small business owner you know how tough it can be sometimes. With the ladies in my mastermind group I make sure to send them encouraging words during the week but I purposely pick one or two a month to send an actual gift to. In addition, to that you can show the same love to your clients, customers and supporters. If you want to keep it simple when rewarding them, read our article, “Reward Your Best Customers“. It has some great tips. Continue Reading →

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Creating A Beautiful & Productive Home Office Space

Simple and ease ways to help you create a beautiful home office space

There are 2 million blog post shared daily. An average of 5,000 people start a business everyday. We have become a world focused on content, but at the same time, we’ve become fearless individuals chasing after our dreams. However, that doesn’t mean you should slum it when it comes to your home office space.

When I first started my resale company, my home office space was pretty much my couch or a table at Starbucks in one of the corners. Today, I have a space that is beautiful, cohesive, and helps with productivity; so I can focus on my business.  Continue Reading →

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Gift Giving On An Entrepreneur Budget

Gift Giving On An Entrepreneur Budget #imperfectconcepts

Holiday season is in full swing and you are eager to give your friends, clients, and loved ones the best holiday experience they’ve had, thus far. Which is a normal feeling to have as well as it’s normal to want to give to others, especially those you care about. However, breaking your budget to do so is a huge no no. Gift giving on an entrepreneur budget does not have to be hard or anything of that nature. Continue Reading →

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Home Decor On An Entrepreneur Budget

Home Decor on An Entrepreneur Budget #imperfectconcepts

Pinterest has inspired numerous wardrobes, haircuts, weddings, and home decor. I totally get wanting to have a home that looks just like the ones off of Pinterest. We all know that isn’t very realistic, but fret not, you can still have everything you want and more on an entrepreneur budget. It is all about working smarter not harder when it comes to sourcing your decor. Continue Reading →

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Holiday Gift Guide For Service Businesess

Holiday Gift Guide For Service Businesses #imperfectconcepts

Customers always receive custom postcards enticing them to shop retail stores during the holiday season with warm wishes. What does a service based business give their clients, vendors, or others for the holiday season that shows the right level of appreciation for them? This can be extremely hard if it is your first year in business or if you haven’t built great relationships with them just yet.

Regardless, everyone should receive some type of gift from you. Continue Reading →

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