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February Small Business Support

small business support

I have said it over and over that my goal this year is to lend more support to small businesses. You might be tried of hearing about it, but there might be someone who is just as excited as I am–someone who wants to support more small businesses too. I actually made a “Small Business Buy” List. It helps me keep track of brands and companies that I want to support. Here are some of the businesses I supported this month: Continue Reading →

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Brown Sugar and Glitter: A Lovely Pair

Raise your hand if you thought you became Martha Stewart after joining Pinterest. *Raises hand* I have always loved being creative and crafty, but my level of DIY went to new heights when I was introduced to Pinterest. My favorite things to make are candles, body scrubs, bracelets and anything that requires glitter. For my friends birthdays, they request body scrub, and I thought I would share the process of making Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub. I’m also going to share one of my favorite DIYs, a Glitter Box. Continue Reading →

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