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3 Rules To Help Master The Art Of Following Up

How to master the art of the follow up to guarantee you a response from the people you want to connect with. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging #networking

Let’s just be honest from the star of this most people don’t follow up after meeting other people. That is the main problem when it comes to the art of the follow up. However, another issue is people do not know how to follow up correctly. They thinking throwing up an assist in the air that Lebron will be at the rim ready to dunk. In the last three years, I have created a simple plan that allows my follows to dunked and laid up into a beautiful relationships. Continue Reading →

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Grow Your Network By Using Social Media

Learn how you can grow your network of friends and supporters by using social media. | Imperfect Concepts #SocialMedia #SmallBusiness #Networking

Want to know a little secret? I have met some of my closest friends on social media. Katrice, Kristen, Tiffany, Jessica, Erica, Brandi, & Amy have all been met through social media or blogging. I trust all of these women with my business and personal life. Social media is one of the best free tools in the world, yet most people use it incorrectly on a daily basis. If you’re an introvert and have a tough time networking in reality, it’s time to maximize social media to grow your network.

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How To Maximize Your Networking

It’s very important to maximize your network when running a small business. Attending social gatherings or networking events is much more than tweeting that you are there or taking a selfie. Going to the event with a game plan will help you maximize your network. To increase your net worth you need to increase your network. Meet new people. Connect with people who are striving for excellence. No one should be in the same place they were last year after making connections. Continue Reading →

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Creating Meaningful Network Connections

Creating Meaningful Networking Connections

What is your goal when you go networking? Everyone should have a goal. Some go in thinking how can I get people on my team to support my business. Or they’re looking to find someone in the room who wants to invest in my business. Those are good goals but they’re not necessarily long-term goals that can help you down the road to having meaningful networking connections. Continue Reading →

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How To Pitch Influencers

How To Pitch Influencers

We are getting close to end of our series on working with influencers. It seems this is a subject matter many of you want to read about so you can incorporate it into your business marketing plans. If you are just joining us in the series, make sure to read: Creating Loyal Brand Ambassadors, How To Collaborate with Influencers, and Cultivating Relationships With Influencers so you can have a complete grasp of this subject matter.

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How To Collaborate With Influencers

How To Collaborate With Influencers

Yesterday we talked about creating loyal brand ambassadors for your small businessThis is one of the first way I would suggest growing your business from its local roots into becoming a national sensation. The next would be collaborating with influencer’s — lifestyle specialist, trendsetters or bloggers. However you want to phrase it, this is a person who can help sell your company to their legions of followers.

When I started my first business, I bought advertising on several bloggers sites and did not get return on the investment. Almost five years later, I see where I went wrong with the process.  Continue Reading →

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Connecting, Networking + Follow Up

Connecting Networking Follow Up

For some odd reason, in personal and business life, people come up short on the art of the follow up. What do I mean by that? It’s simple. When you meet someone and exchange information, then you or the other person follows up with one another. Here is where disconnect originates. Too many people go to events to “connect” but never connect after–one, two, three or more weeks later.

It’s all a show and dance of introducing yourself at networking events… “Oh, hi! My name is (insert name here), I run or work for (yada) business. What do you do?” Then you repeat a different version of the same thing back to them. A majority of the time there is meaningless interaction or sly way of handing out a business card. There is no actual connection made in the process. It’s not your fault if you do this, it’s what we’ve been conditioned to do.  Continue Reading →

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Grow Your Own Brand Locally

How to grow your own brand locally in your community.

Last month, on social media, I felt the need to speak out about how many people want national recognition but are not known in their local communities. When a politician wants to run for office, they start a grass root campaign. An average Joe can’t just run for president if he is unknown to the public. He has to start locally, and work his way up the ladder. As a small business owner, you must do the same thing.

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