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Smart Ways To Invest Your Tax Refund Into Your Small Business

6 ways to grow your small business with your tax refund this year. | Imperfect Concepts #taxrefund #smallbusiness #blogging

I remember a time I use to get super excited I was getting a tax refund. I was fresh out of college with no business of my own and a manager for a clothing store. My best friend and I would go buy Juicy Couture tracksuits and bags. Yes, that was me the girl with the hot pink track suit and shades on but no money actually really in her purse. The horror it all.  Continue Reading →

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How To Maximize Your Tax Refund

Learn how to maximize your tax refund to help you grow your small business.

For the last two weeks on Twitter, I have seen several W2 meme’s and people discussing what they will do once all their papers come in. There use to be a time when I got close to a thousand dollars back on my taxes. I was also a decade younger and naive to what handling my finances really meant. I wanted to share with my fellow business owners how they could maximize their tax refunds no matter the amount received.  Continue Reading →

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7 Tax Write Offs For Small Business

Tax Write Offs For Small Business

We are getting closer and closer to the New Year and tax season. This is the time of year most people start thinking about launching a business and others who are already running a business are trying to figure out how to do their taxes. Understanding taxes in general can be a whole new ball game for a newbie. Don’t miss out on these 7 tax write-offs for small business. Continue Reading →

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Small Business Tax Write Offs

Top missed small busines tax write offs.

Here are some updated article on small business Tax Write-Offs: Seven Tax Write Off’s For Your Small Business 

Recently on Twitter, I shared some small business tax write-offs that most entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and soon-to-be small business owners forget about. The first couple of years in business, my accounting was less than acceptable for business. I went to H&R block and let them do what they thought was best. Lesson learned: hire a CPA or Accountant. It’s worth every penny. My accountant, Rose, only costs me $75 a year. I am one lucky entrepreneur.
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