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Eight Ways To Scale Your Business This Week In Order To Land Sales

Talking about community, marketing, Facebook ads and other tips on how you can scale your business this week! | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #blogging

In recent months, this has been a recurring question from my audience on social media. Today, I wanted to break down how its truly possible to scale your business even when you’re on the tightest budget out there. A couple years ago, I wrote Lack Of Money Doesn’t Stop This Train. Too many times we get caught in the money thinking that if its not there we stall out as business owners. This goes back to false perceptions we have and the reason we must say affirmations that keep us aligned and focused.  Continue Reading →

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So You Launched Your Business…Now What Happens?

8 Things you need to be doing weekly now that your business is up and off the ground.

Launching a business brings a true mixture of emotions, that arise in you once you are in the final lap of getting everything off the ground. Especially the day before you launch your company, you tend to get into your feelings. Then after you land that first sale and see everything is right, you think I have launched my business now what happens. Well, you know have a legit business especially if you followed the insight in Kick Start Your eCommerce and Launch Week ebooks.  Continue Reading →

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Free To Low-cost Ways To Do Market Research For Your Business

Market research can be expensive. Sharing several ways to do it for free or lower cost.

One mistake most future business owners make is not doing enough market research regarding their industry. They just take the leap into running a business and hit several wall after wall with their business. Doing market research regarding your industry and customer base is not as expensive as you may think. Today, I am sharing effective way you  can do free to low-cost ways to conduct market research for your small business.  Continue Reading →

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Why Establishing A Tentative Sales Schedule Helps Increase Your Revenue

5 Things no one is telling you on why you need a tentative sales schedule for your business. | Imperfect Concepts #smallbusiness #advice #blogging

One of the best things for me in 2015, was knowing my business did roughly 37% better than I did in 2014. My goal for this year is to do 40% higher in revenue than the previous year. Outside of using my Yearly Project Tracker one of the greatest things I could do was establish a tentative sales schedule to help increase my companies revenue.  Continue Reading →

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Business Lessons From Tinder Business Model

3 Pivotal business lessons I learned from using the Tinder Dating App. | Imperfect Concepts

When I first thought about writing on this subject I thought, “how funny is it that I’m learning business techniques from using a dating app, at that, Tinder”. However, within days of using the app I was more intrigued by what I was learning as a business owner versus swiping left or right. What makes it even more funny, I was discussing my new findings with my male friends. They all laughed that I was using Tinder to learn about business structuring more than its actual purpose of finding a date. They were like, only you would think of this.  Continue Reading →

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Creating A Community That Helps Your Business Thrive

Learn how to build a community that helps leverage your small business.

If you’re running a business by yourself, you know how tough it can be to grow and scale your company on your own. However, one of the things I have learned that helps with pushing your business to new levels is a community. Creating a community helps your business thrive, in addition to, it creates a family. In the past two years, I have been really striving to build a community.  Continue Reading →

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26 eCommerce Terms You Need To Know

Learn twenty six eCommerce terms to help you small business

Last year, I wrote the article “19 Startup Tech Terms You Need To Know“. This post helps educate individuals on verbiage that is used in the tech and startup world. As I expand the site, I want it to be a place of continuous education for women who are entering the eCommerce, small business, tech and startup world. One thing I noticed is, the misuse of phrases especially in the eCommerce world. Continue Reading →

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Kickstarting Your Mompreneur Business Online

Learning how you can take your mompreneur business online with ease.

In part three of this series, we are discussing the aspects of starting your own business as a mom. Make sure to read Becoming A Mompreneur and Mompreneur Dream Business ideas so you can be well-informed.

How to sell your product can be extremely confusing. When I first launched my online resale boutique there was not one book that could help me. Since then, I’ve created Kick start Your e-commerce Shop, an e-book, to help women launch their online businesses. Continue Reading →

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Mompreneur Dream Business Idea

I’m very thankful that so many of you were touched and inspired by the Becoming A Mompreneur article I wrote. As mentioned before, your dreams matter and they do not stop because you became a mother. Hopefully, you sat down for an hour or two with your Starbucks frappe and figured out exactly what you want to do in life to fulfill your dreams. Remember, when you live out your dreams you will inspire your kid(s) to achieve their dreams. Continue Reading →

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Becoming a Mompreneur

Being a mom is something really special and it can take up a plethora of your time. You know you love your child(ren), but you have a passion for something more. Sometimes you might want to do something other than stay home chasing a toddler around the house. That may feel right for some, but maybe not for you. Being your own boss is very possible, even when you are being pulled in every direction. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling. Continue Reading →

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3 Reasons To Hire The Professionals

3 Reasons To Hire The Professionals #imperfectconcepts

Maybe you’ve seen or read this quote by Red Adair before, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” It reigns true when launching a business. Too many times we try to skimp in certain areas when launching our businesses. This is something you do not want to do. Investing the first time is better than spending double the second time around. No dollars wasted should be your company motto.

Continue Reading →

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