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Cool Apps to Download Now

cool productivity and leisure apps for small business owners

In this day in age, everyone’s life revolves around technology, specifically apps that help to make our lives run a little smoother. Most people tend to stick to their garden-variety selection of apps, that is until they hear of much cooler ones like the ones suggested here. These will help to revolutionize your personal or business life. Scouring our social sphere, we asked what people’s must apps were.

To our surprise, leisure apps where high on the list for the start-up community. Don’t fret, we also hear there are some amazing productivity apps that too will make you and your business a rock star. Here is a breakdown of cool apps to get now. Continue Reading →

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Texting Etiquette

Text Etiquette

I recently had an experience with one of our clients where I was walking very quickly through downtown Pittsburgh and I all of the sudden asked her, “So what’s your schedule again!” Instead of, “So what’s your schedule again?” I thought that the explanation point would make her super offended because, let’s face it, that’s not appropriate and sounds demanding. I then got to thinking, what ARE the appropriate rules for texting in business? After some research, here’s what I’ve come up with.

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Business Books on Goodreads

Business Books On Goodreads

Here at IC, we’re obsessed with books! We feel that instead of “stopping” the learning after college, you should constantly be updating and researching business. It’s not easy to make time to read, but it could be the most important and influential move for your business. So, we are going to introduce a website that could help you, and it’s called Goodreads. We hope you love it too.
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Hot SEO Tools for Small Business

Hot SEO tools for Small Business

SEO is constantly changing, and many of the tools used for SEO are revolving. See my article about Google’s Keyword Planner.If you find yourself sinking in a mess of SEO gadgets, go by this motto: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify. You don’t need a million tools to bring your site to the top, you need the right tools. However, it’s hard to figure out what the right tools are, so let’s catch up. It’s been a while since I talked SEO tools with you. Here is a list of 10 new SEO tools for Fall. What do you think? Have you tried any of these for your business? We would love to know! Continue Reading →

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How to Choose a Business Name

How To Choose A Business Name

This is the single most difficult decision you will have to make when creating your business. How do you embody everything you want to say about your business (your baby) into one single word–that’s catchy and memorable? We know it’s rough, so we are going to share some tips that will hopefully make it easier for you. Let us know how else we can help in the comments below.
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